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This help site is for players of the online game, Shilla. Shilla is an old text-based RPG that has its roots in the 90's and ultimately died in 2008. The game was brought back from the dead once in 2010. Since 2019, Shilla is currently up and running again under new ownership and leadership. They have tried to recreate the game from where it was at in 2008, while adding their own changes here and there in hopes of making Shilla a more enjoyable game. Whether you are a new player or a returning veteran, the hope is that this helpsite can provide all the information you need to play the game.

As it is a wiki page, any content can be updated in real time to reflect changes. All you need to do is join the site on the left side, and you can start making pages and/or update existing ones.


News from the Contributors

While I have not been very active in Shilla these days, I have been promoted one of the admins of the game. Therefore, my wiki creation days will be done for good.

The site will stay up, and anyone can create anything. That will not change. It just would be a conflict of interest if I write anything myself.

Happy Hunting!

9/10/22 AA/Jeff Finished grinding both the Volcano and the Ocean. Just a few minor touches to the Volcano area page and I'll be satisfied until I reach a level high enough to work on enchantments. I'll be updating the Ocean maps next, then go back and make more changes to older maps. I'm sorta over my nutty on playing chase the changes, sorta.
10/24/2022 BNB/Becca Going through all the mage sub guild quests to update them here. After that may work on fighters stuff but not sure yet.
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About us!

Bp/Kyle I played in 2001-2008 under the name Bizarro-Phoenix aka Bp. I enjoyed gathering information and this is how this site came into existence. I helped with the recreation of this version to some extent, but I do not play on a daily basis. I have a full time job, full time college, a wife and 4 animals so I don't have the time to play like I used to. This helpsite has stayed alive longer than any version of Shilla has, and as long as it is free to me, I will continue to do so.
AA/Jeff I started playing around 2003 until the Big Crash in early Sept 2008. Bp and I had already been working on this wiki for over a year when that occurred. When Mediathrall started working Redemption we started a wiki for that, archiving this one as a memorial of sorts, never thinking it would be used again. I had moved on to other games at that point, Parallel Kingdoms until it died in 2016, and am currently helping in the closed beta test of it's remake, Parallel Origins. Looking forward to picking up where I left off with Shilla: Fall of the Warlock!
BNB/Becca I started playing Shilla back in the early 2000s whenever it was called the Dark Traveler. For a long time i had no clue there were remakes there to fill that missing place that Shilla had left. I did a random google search one day and was ecstatic to see there was the current version to play. Now i spend much of my free time playing on various characters. Always remember its not waterboarding if you use Diesel…Becca
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Note: I would appreciate any changes to pages to include the description of what we are changing. It helps me and others identify what exactly happened in case we need to double check, or just to catch our attention on anything new. It's not mandatory of course, but I just like to see what people are doing.

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