Old Shilla and New Shilla?

I got bored with how the site looked. After a decade, I figured we can go to the dark side a little.

This website acts as a helpsite for old Shilla, and a remembrance page for what the game was and is to the people who played it.

There is a reboot of the game listed at here: http://shilla.club/
This game is an attempt to recreate what it was with the obvious fact that we will never have the original code, so some things will never be quite the same. As they code away, they are adding things that either may encourage or discourage old players from playing. That can be decided by yourselves, obviously.

That being said, if things get way too different and changed up, I may consider making a brand new site just for that game. This depends on my desire, will, and whatever real life things come my way, as well as popularity with the new game.

If that happens, this will go back to what it was. A tribute page for old Shilla.

Feel free to check out the boards, the posts, anything. As long as this site doesn't require payment, it will always be up and running. And if it does, I may still keep it around.

Thank you,

Note: There are things that no longer work and are outdated for whatever reason.
You can always check out http://www.shillatime.org/shillatime.html for most everything else.
This site was made in spite of Shillatime, but grudges don't last forever.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License