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I don't play Shilla, but from time to time I check in and see what's up.

The community has decided to shake things up with new weapons, stats, and other assorted things of interest.

I have always stated that this site is available as long as it is free and supported by wikidot, which has been about 13 years now. I don't see it going anywhere.

As it is a wiki, it can be edited by almost anyone.

Traex and some others have started with updates.

I may find time here and there to help make this site more accessible. I remember back in the day I wanted to not rip off Shillatime, but I think they had a better layout. So I may do that. Or let you all decide too.

Will I truly play again? Highly doubtful. I have 2 more years of college, a promotion at work w/ extra 4 hours of overtime included… Wife, pets, housework, adulting. But I'll keep my eyes and ears open to things.

Until Next Time,


For lack of better place to put this…. here is a recent page edit/addition section.

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Lake Gala S 24 Feb 2021 23:14 (rev. 13) MTSean
Lake Gala S 24 Feb 2021 23:13 (rev. 12) MTSean
Lake Gala S 24 Feb 2021 23:13 (rev. 11) MTSean
Lake Gala S 24 Feb 2021 23:12 (rev. 10) MTSean
Cemetery and Crypt S 23 Feb 2021 21:29 (rev. 14) MTSean
Cemetery and Crypt S 23 Feb 2021 21:26 (rev. 13) MTSean
No more Dead Knight, added Grave Robber Spectre
Cemetery and Crypt S 23 Feb 2021 21:24 (rev. 12) MTSean
Weapons S 09 Feb 2021 21:57 (rev. 46) Bizarro
new mace
Mace Of The Fish Fin S 09 Feb 2021 05:58 (rev. 1) Bizarro
Mace Of The Fish Fin N 09 Feb 2021 05:58 (new) Bizarro
Forge Combos S 09 Feb 2021 05:53 (rev. 38) Bizarro
Guard Sword S 09 Feb 2021 04:11 (rev. 7) Bizarro
Hidden the old text.
Green Bracelet S 31 Jan 2021 19:38 (rev. 5) JuanSolid
Dead Knight S 31 Jan 2021 19:21 (rev. 2) Fiddler1988
Weapons S 26 Jan 2021 00:42 (rev. 45) JuanSolid
Criminal Axe N 26 Jan 2021 00:41 (new) JuanSolid
Forge Combos S 26 Jan 2021 00:39 (rev. 37) JuanSolid
Green Bracelet S 25 Jan 2021 21:24 (rev. 4) JuanSolid
Weapons S 25 Jan 2021 18:10 (rev. 44) JuanSolid
Forge Combos S 25 Jan 2021 17:33 (rev. 36) JuanSolid
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