2 yr anniversary

It's been 2 years and a couple weeks since old Shilla vanished into thin air. I didn't even realize it until now.

There is a new Shilla, recreated by a person named MediaThrall. I'm sure by reading the front page you've seen all that, and maybe even visited the place, who knows.

The one thing I can take away from this is that this Shilla isn't what that one was, and that one had this magical feeling that I can't really explain.

This current one compared to that is a joke, and if that's fair or not, I can not say. MT has no time to work on the game at this moment, and the 2 people who are the designers and do most of the work involved have no time either. One designer is a former Shilla player I know in real life, and he does good work with what he has, while the other one is a complete joke who doesn't "get it". Which leads to bitching and moaning and just a crappy environment altogether.

For the 1st time since I dunno, 2 weeks after I started playing this in the 1st place, I have a strong gut feeling of just leaving it. Leaving it for 6 months, 3 months, year, forever… who knows.

I wanted to just get this off my chest and if you found this, cool. I'm not looking to include a link anywhere so it'll be buried within this site.


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