3 yr anniverary

Every year, I tend to write something around the time that Shilla closed it's doors for good. This probably is the last year I will do that. And the only reason is I just happened to think of it. The next time I likely would think of Shilla, the anniversary would have passed a few weeks ahead and I would be writing about it after the fact.

There was a post I wrote for the 2 year anniversary that was very cynical of the fact that Shilla, which at this point in time has closed down, and then recreated by a former player (http://www.thedarktraveler.com). In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have been.

The fact that Shilla was recreated shows that some people, still do hold beliefs and care enough for the hardcore of hardcorest population, to provide entertainment value and enjoyment for their free time. I only can praise such thoughts, and good for everyone that it in fact, benefits.

In the last year or so, I gave up Shilla. I took my character, deleted it, and really haven't looked back. I played fractionally for maybe a week when it reset the last time, but the spark and interest wasn't there any more. And I just blame it on the times.

I don't even use my computer for very much these days. Technology has a lot to do with this. My phone is able to do the same things that my laptop can do. I check my mail, I use Facebook, Twitter, check my bank account, play some games, get news, weather, and a bunch of stupid random stuff from 'apps'. I wonder if computers are dying in general. I'm wondering if things like tablets, netbooks, and phones just don't replace lower to middle of the road PC's.

Of course there will always be a market for PC's, on the high end of things, WoW isn't dead yet, and there are a few other games that probably are very graphics intensive and require big monitors and huge ram/hd/etc.. specs.

But back to Shilla… it's just a time changing thing. It was around in 1994 when dial up was introduced, Windows 95 was the shit, the browser of choice was Netscape… and look where we've gone now.

Wireless internet is the norm, most public places seem to have decent wifi(malls, fast food chains, coffee shops), all phones have at least 3G if not 4G speeds, everything is just mobile and fast. And that will only continue to improve.

The morale of the whole story is just that times change, things change, and everything generally is for the better.

Though I'd love to have one question answered…. Where the hell is Melkor/Lumberjak? That is my $64,000 question.

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