Advanced Armor and Village Armor Quest

This is out of date. There are now 3 different sets of Village armor, and each is class-specific. There is a Fighter set, a Thief set, and a Mage set.

Fighter set (all are 21 defense)
EQ Piece Stats Value
Elven Sabatons 200 Dex 5,747,391,945
Draconian Shield 200 Con 6,894,355,768
Dwarven Bascinet 200 Str 6,894,355,768
Elven Cuirass 200 Dex 20,693,153,530
Wraith Gauntlets 200 Str 4,596,473,522
Orcish Chausses 200 Str 9,194,035,559
Halfling Gorget 200 Dex 5,747,391,945
Thief set (all are 14 defense)
EQ Piece Stats Value
Elven Shoes 200 Dex 5,747,391,945
Draconian Pavise 200 Con 6,894,355,768
Dwarven Hood 200 Con 6,894,355,768
Elven Gambeson 200 Dex 20,693,153,530
Wraith Handguards 200 Con 4,596,473,522
Orcish Tasset 200 Str 9,194,035,559
Halfling Neckband 200 Dex 5,747,391,945
Mage set (all are 12 defense)
EQ Piece Stats Value
Elven Slippers 200 Int 5,747,391,945
Draconian Barrier 200 Chr 6,894,355,768
Dwarven Hat 200 Wis 6,894,355,768
Elven Robe 200 Int 20,693,153,530
Wraith Mittens 200 Int 4,596,473,522
Orcish Slacks 200 Wis 9,194,035,559
Halfling Pendant 200 Chr 5,747,391,945

It does not seem any of the below is true anymore.

This is the page for strictly an advanced class of armor, the Village Set. This armor is made by the various races of Shilla who have villages in the game.

First off, at about 5300 Wall Score, you can do various Village Armor Quests. There are 3 of them in Shilla.

The first one is locating the kobold scavenger. His location from the Park Ranger spot in the Vast Valley is west, south, west.

He asks for 4 pieces of Pearl Armor. This isn't so bad. Get the Pearl Polished Shield, Pearl Plate Mail, Pearl Polished Boots, and Pearl Necklace. Return them to get your choice between the Elven Boots, Dwarven Helm, or Draconian Shield. Elven Boots are the best for fighters and thieves, it depends if you're a mage.

The second one is getting a Dumb Mace for the blue robed mage. He is 1 south from the 4-way in the Outskirts.

He needs a Dumb Mace, which is an unknown weapon at this time but is most likely a forged weapon that is yet to be found.

The choices are: Orcish Leggings, Halfling Necklace, and Wraith Gloves. There's no real wrong choice if you're a fighter or thief, but it matters if you're a mage, depending on your specialty guild.

Finally, the last one is one east of the Necropolis warning sign in the Cemetery. He wants an Aged Spear, which is unknown at this time but is most likely a forged weapon, and a powerful one at that. The rewards: a choice of any 1 village armor.

As for the actual armor set: You want to buy the armor in this fashion: To the right is what each piece gives for a stat bonus.

Fighter/Thieves Mage (not valid anymore)
Elven Boots Wraith Gloves
Draconian Shield Orcish Leggings
Dwarven Helm Elven Boots
Elven Cloak Draconian Shield
Wraith Gloves Dwarven Helm
Orcish Chausses Elven Cloak
Halfling Necklace Halfling Necklace
Armor Stat Bonus
Elven Boots: Gives 200 Dexterity
Elven Cloak: Gives 200 Dexterity
Halfling Necklace: Gives 200 Charisma
Orcish Leggings: Gives 200 Wisdom
Wraith Gloves: Gives 200 Intelligence
Draconian Shield: Gives 200 Constitution
Dwarven Helm: Gives 200 Strength

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