Advanced Mana Warrior Guide (not valid anymore)

Looking ahead…

So you liked and decided to stay a mana warrior. Well here's some good news and bad news for ya. Good news is here is a further indepth look passed the last guide to continue your magical mage warrior questing. bad news… From getting your Emerald Orb upgraded with green gem and dusts your gonna be bouncing around in castle cemetary(maybe) and DF for a bit. But that's what this guide is for. :-)

Continuing to kill

Ok so you've got your weapon and passed Castle. Beating up on the Rookie guards, Castle guards, Elite guards, and Drakmor Dragons at the top. So where to next? Well you can start by collecting your reward from the major and then going 3 west and south from fountain to join the mages guild itself.

This is where as a mage it really starts getting tougher. Your going to be struggling with wanting to increase your damage and attacks as well as needing to balance out your life to survive. But on a better note from here on out you'll have no problem getting to the next areas since int is taking the replacement of your dex for your number of attacks. As if by now you didn't know all this.

From here you'll only need to train your life sparringly. Whenever you train your int up you want your wis and chr about 3/4 of your int. It's a good rule of thumb but it doesn't have to be followed. Your going to want to train to deal about 15-32000 damage between wis int and chr. (from now on these will be reffered to as Lower stats or mage stats for obvious reasons)

Your gonna move on to Lake Gala. (fire aligned might wanna skip here and go straight to next section.) Don't forget though, it's a new area and creatures deal more damage. check the area alignment and max hits and train accordingly. Since your not a fighter dex and con have little more to do with you than just add health right now. It's always good to train str because it allows you to pick up and carry more items especially foods. For the Lake Gala area if you don't skip it altogether the creatures deal MH's of about 1125. Pearl dropper here is the first you encounter. you need over 2000 wall score to see him. just know while under 2k his picture is a broken image and as a broken image the name of it might not be as it seems. you might also at this point revist along the southern druid crossroads path and western here you can encounter your next pearl dropper the Unicorn image and name is the same as with all pearl droppers.

Bottom Line is this the pearl droppers have alot of life compared to the counterparts your fighting in that area so best to avoid fighting them. Remember to train enough to 1 or 2 round everything you fight in there. If there's a food dropper then it's good to at least train to 1 round that creature then you can make sure you can completely stay there and never have to leave except to go train the exp you gathered. In the case of Lake Gala there are 2 food droppers and once you can fight here better train for more attacks to try and 1 round everything here. By the time you can kill everything except the Krakken here you'll be ready for the next area.

Quests - Don't forget about the Lake completely cause eventually comming back even if you pass it up you can do the Demon Crab Quest worth every bit of it.


If you cared enough to venture here to the entrance you'll notice there is a small owl bird thing with a badge blocking your way. This is the Park Ranger. The robin hood themed and sheriff of well poorly dressed tasteless guy dislikes you. It takes the kings permission (aka completing castle quest and talking to Mayor) to get him angry enough to want to attack you. He doesn't hit much harder than those of the Lake. But his life is ridiculous at 120k. He's also a healthy X5 exp boost over anything you've been able to fight up till now. So as the Park Ranger throws his shiny badge to hurt you. (it's pointy and sharp…) you should bash him easily in a few extra turns. Now the pass behind him is opened up and you can venture into the mountains. Once in the mountain pass you come across the dwarven stronghold entrance. You just move passed it for now.

Next you move up top and it splits apart to and eastern cave and higher up the mountain. Your gonna want to go up the mountain first. This is where you'll encounter your next two tough advasaries. The Pscout and the Hydra. While the Pscout is your next food dropper the Hydra is a prize all in himself. Aside from getting over his MH at 1650 and earth aligned. this powerhouse gets shaved skinned and quartered leaving behind his hide as your next armor. Again wait till you can 1-2 round'em so as to avoid needing to eat too much during the fight. Once you get full green except shield from hydra. it's time to move on… At this point 1-2 rounding the hydra and pscouts gets you that much closer to doing the same with the cave now. Inside are the 3 Ogres. Dumb and slow they don't exceed the rest of the mountain creatures but they do hit harder MUCH harder. but they are all food droppers and here is a good place to train for a good minute.

Quests - No quests in mountain to date but as a challenge it's to get to 1 rounding with your mage stats all but the hydra and trying to survive long enough to 2 round him.


Time to accessorize!

What to be wearing… If you've come this far and got no jewelery not even for health well it won't matter now because if it's not increasing your damage to 1 round ratio it's not doing you a bit of good unequip it when you get it's replacement. For Amulet slot you have a choice of 3 from the shops. Amulet of the Apprentice +50 wis or if you've been able to visit the elven town safely the shop there sells an Elven Broach +70 wis and int. or the CCA +100 int personally i'd go the the EB it's small but a nice booster per attack.

For rings you can add 3 attacks with 2 ring of bones equally any of the fighter rings like the green rings (even if a bit pricey) are good adding a total of 130 life for you.

Same goes for the green bracelet it adds life for you. but don't buy the dwarven bangle it's a waste especially for a mage.

Magic Spells

By now you should have teleport at 30 if you haven't you might want it it helps. Likewise Town Portal at 30 also to return to fountain for resting quickly. Life tap bind wounds and rejuv at this or any stage of this game is rather pointless to even worry about what your concern is. You should train start if you haven't yet at getting Bedazzle and Magic Shield. People ask why waste good expierence on spells at all then? Because hard hitting creatures or those with large amounts of attacks is greatly reduced then you can change to higher creatures. Bedazzle is a chance of making them miss you and higher training makes it last just that much longer. Magic Shield on every attack or mostly every attack you recieve is perfect for us mages as when we get hit this adds significant armor values for us. This also lasts for a good time the higher you trained it. Bedazzle is good to have it about at level 100 but your magic shield you want to train it as high as you can because the armor value it gives continues to increase.

Also about now…

Significant about here and now is you can fight slimes and emerald golems regularly for forging and money making and if your daring enough and trained properly you can also kill the Dead Knight for your EFS and complete your green set with your matching Emerald Fire Shield. If you get to here and can kill the hydra no sweat the Dead Knight won't be a problem. He appears 100% but has a less than desirable drop rate for the shield.

Dark Forest

Almost forgot about this area. It's a biggie one too. Your going south from the druid crossroads. The only one I wouldn't recommend fighting here is the Elf's because it messes up your chance at easily getting into the Elven Village. Also being a mage warrior don't forget to train up in the mage guild when you can your Energy Shield and Mana Barrier spells. The ratio of all 4 defensive spells (about the only worth it spells in shilla) will have to be on you. My Spells are a little messed up since i was kinda a warrior up to this point so I need to untrain my spells that are useless like acid cloud and you'll need to find a balance of them all. (My spells at this point were 100 bedazzle and 140 Magic Shield.)
There is a Teleport if you can cast and see it that takes you to Bruno's food shop at the southern end of the DF. This is a bad place to train because you run the risk of fighting Elves and that hurts your chances to get into the Elven Village. Likewise you want to avoid the white slimes at the 3 southern most squares. That leaves you with Vbats and trolls for them hitting you 1 attack thus very strong hits of 1200 for Vbats and 1500 for trolls. However DF is good and known for the food shop selling same as town but buying for cheaper prices by a bit. good for mass quantities.


For all those old shillians who remember back in the day… This was the cream of the crop fighting Griffen's, Harpy's, Deer's, and the dreaded (not so much anymore) Archer. Here you will also find a pit where once down you fight the next level area of creatures or continue in the DDF and Archer's Change to Imp's. Once you can survive a hit of a single 2500 hit max then keep training to do 90k+ damage from here.

The Pit

Simply stated if your sick of DDF fighting the archers, imps and whatnot above. Then try once in awhile to move into the pit. When you can fight here better so be it the exp jumps to half a mil from basilisks. They are the strongest mob (regular mob) you can fight here they hit about 2600 or so (check creature page) but they shouldn't be too much a bother. Just be aware there is a pearl dropper here (if you've been following the mage guild questing you'll know) the Q-bird here hits maybe about 2k same as the previous ones the Unicorn and the Krakken. no different with this one just a matter of if you can and have enough food to out last his 450k life.

Inner maze

Here's your first really challenging area. Why? Because in here you face everything you've fought up till now excluding the pearl droppers if you've gotten that far. Still being a warrior at this point i was struggling here but this place is also especially hard for mages because no spells NONE work inside any part of the maze. meaning no bedazzle no magic shield no mage guild spells not even town portal or teleport. Sorry that's just the way it is. Like the castle you need to fight to move in here so no skipping to the center of the maze lickity split. you gotta work for it. however once you get into the center maze (see directions at end) the mobs hit for about 2k full pearl which if not you'll want before you come here. it drops the creatures to 1700-2200. be careful though because they have TONS of life. strongest is the maze overlord again if you can take him you can kill the rest. stay healed bring plenty of food. Which also if you collect and can refrain from eating it 10 red wines will net you 5 QP's in elven village food shop and the ability to sell red wines. (big whoop at 950 i only saw it selling for 1 gold.) better to use'em to heal yourself. you get more gold off 1 kill than selling tons of red wines and they are harder to get. :-P At the absolute center you can pick up a compass only one but for it's effect it doesn't matter. i wouldn't worry about grabbing it just yet though.

Side note: If you get lost here the dead ends have chances at spawning an elemental shrine to change your element or at spawning a green nymph pearl legging dropper but she's a pushover just hard to find. I feel sorry for thieves. LOL

Alright the directions for center up maze:
From entrance travel all west all north all west all north all east all north all west and all north. See map for how many times each path is. This stops you in the farthest NW corner of the whole maze. Then just remember to go east and follow the path remembering not to travel backwards. Eventually you come across the only diagonal direction in the maze. Move in and your in the inner maze. Once here it forms a box for the outside of inner maze. Basically to remember where you are roughly is if your not in a corner and there is a direction without it's counterpart (EX: north without south south without north/ east without west and west without east) You can move there. The Directions without the counterpart is an instant teleport to the begining of the maze an easy exit for if you want to get out without having to use the rescue me button. beware though if you land on a corner you can use the teleport tricks to escape maze.

For compass:
From inner maze entrance go all east or all south then the other. From SE corner of maze go 1 north and 1 west. Follow the spiral and the compass is in the last square. (KILL CREATURE THERE FIRST)

Pearl Armor

So your still using green armor? STOP! Right now fighting between DDF/Pit/Maze your fighting in the pearl dropper areas. Now you need to start training to kill'em if you haven't already. So get to it. Krakken, Unicorn, and Q-bird are easy. By now you should've done some more quests and saved up enough from TJ's by raising your Charisma enough that pearl armor is next to nothing. So go ahead and kill for your first three pieces but I recommend the others be sent to you. If you get lucky and someone sends you the legs by all means but if they aren't sent or you haven't found a green nymph well don't worry either you'll get some soon enough or you'll move onto next armor well before.


Here's a Hard area to train for for mages. Why? Because when a mage gets here the MH's are greatly increased from that over inner maze and especially over DDF/Pit area. Pro's and Con's of this area. If you can kill the food droppers the Executioner and the Dungeon Guard (not the dungeon master) not only do you start netting about 1 mil a kill but the foods heal for about half of the damage these guys are dealing unless you have a significant MS which is possible but highly unlikly. MS rule of thumb up till now should be training it to match the full value of armor (in this case pearl) and bedazzle to match it. Of course you still have to be wary one wrong all out attack before your 2 rnding here and it's white light central for you.

Reaper's walkway

Druid Keep

Sand Mansion

Sky Castle


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