Alignment is a basic element of gameplay in Shilla. Your character has to pick an alignment after cleaning up the Beach. You can either pick Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.

Most monsters in Shilla also have one of the 4 elements above, and they all have a central guardian that represents it. Those can be found on the Elemental Guardians page shown here.

Each Alignment has a strength towards another alignment, and a weakness to another. Examples are shown below:

  • Earth is weak to Air, but strong against Water
  • Water is weak to Earth, but strong against Fire
  • Fire is weak to Water, but strong against Air
  • Air is weak to Fire, but strong against Earth

Some alignments also do better with certain classifications of spells. Fire is strong to attack spells, Air is strong to movement spells, Water is strong to restorative spells, and Earth to defensive spells. A list of spells is on the respective alignment pages.

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