Alignment Guide

Shilla Alignments:

In Shilla, there are 7 alignments in the game. The main 4 are: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
During the game you will complete a quest that will make you a higher alignment: Spirit.
While you could join these alignments at any time, they only are good at end game: Good & Evil.

Joining an alignment means you will adapt it's strengths and weaknesses towards monsters from other alignments.
You will either take more/less damage and have the ability to enchant your current weapon with the power of your alignment.
You are only able to do that by acquiring a Rune of (Monsters alignment), taking that and with a gold donation enchanting your weapon.
Once you have the power of your element on your weapon, you will do more/less damage to other guilds dependent on your alignment to them.

Note Mage guilds already have the attack power of their guild, so they will do their damage in either Fire, Air, Earth, or Water.
Once they become Spirit end game, they "should" have their damage convert to Spirit.

Since these now go by a proficiency level, starting at 5%, over time you will gain higher resist/power.

To leave a guild, you need to wait 24 hours from the time you join a guild, and then wait 24 more hours after you leave the first guild to be able to join the 2nd one. The second timer can be reduced by making a Monument in your Residence.

You will at some point need to be at least 2 different alignments to defeat the Elemental Guardians. More info can be found on that page.

Table shown below give a rough idea on damage/resistance to other alignments.

Alignment Chart

Below you will find a table that shows how the alignments interact. Your alignment is goes down the side of the table and what you're fighting goes along th top. The box where those two alignments would meet determines the effect on damage, both good and bad. Weak means that the creature will do approximately 6% more damage to you and you will do approximately 6% less damage to the creature. Strong means that the creature will do approximately 6% less damage to you and you will do approximately 6% more damage to the creature. Normal means there is no penalty/bonus for you or the creature.

Here is an example… AA is looking to training in the Catacombs and is Water aligned. He looks at the alignment of the the creatures on the first level of the Catacombs and sees that they are Earth and Fire. Looking at the table tells him that AA is Strong vs the Fire aligned Daemon , no problems there, but Weak against the Earth aligned Animated Corpse. That means that the Daemon will only do a max hit of 31,020 (33,000 - 1,980) and AA will do 6% more damage against them, making them easy prey. The Animated Corpse, on the other hand, can do as much as 35,510 (33,500 + 2,010) and AA will do 6% less damage, making them harder to 1 round, much harder.

Creature's Alignment (Top)
Your Alignment (Down) Fire Water Earth Air Neutral
Air Weak Normal Strong Normal Normal
Fire Normal Weak Normal Strong Normal
Water Strong Normal Weak Normal Normal
Earth Normal Strong Normal Weak Normal
Spirit Strong Strong Strong Strong Normal

Alignment's Strong/Weak vs. Areas

Strong at: Top Level Castle(Drakmor Dragons), 3rd and 4th levels of Druid Keep, Sky Castle, Clouds,
and some Glacier.
Weak at: Lake Gala, Ocean, Atlantis.

Strong at: Dungeon, 1st/2nd level Druid Keep, Great Plains, Canals, some Pyramid, some Glacier.
Weak at: Volcano, some Pyramid, some Catacombs.

Strong at: Lake Gala, Ocean, Atlantis.
Weak at: Top Level Castle(Drakmor Dragons), 3rd and 4th levels of Druid Keep, Sky Castle, Clouds,
and some Glacier.

Strong at: Volcano, some Pyramid, some Catacombs.
Weak at: Dungeon, 1st/2nd level Druid Keep, Plains, Canals, some Pyramid, some Glacier.

What alignment should I start with?

Okay, now to decide on an alignment. To start with, I'd pick Fire. If your serious about playing, you'll get through alot of the earlier areas real fast, and you won't hit any real weakness until the Ocean(Lake Gala is pretty much skippable) And thats probably about 20k-25k wall score in the game. From there, you probably can try and go to something like Water for Pyramid/Glacier/Atlantis… Earth would be good as you'd be strong to the Ocean, and most of the Pyramid(not the top level though), but may run into trouble with Air aligned Glacier Creatures… and Air isn't the greatest because there are at least 2-3 Pyramid areas that are just Fire aligned.

How do I change Alignments?

In new Shilla, changing alignments are now very easy to do but it takes some time. To quit an alignment, all you have to do is to visit your current alignment's Temple in Shillatown and there'll be an option to quit it after you've become aligned for at least 24 hours.

After that, you also have to wait for 24 hours before you can join another alignment in another Temple.

The old Shilla way to change alignments (not valid anymore):
Now, on how to change alignments. First, the exact method hasn't been discovered completely, as its random based on days. But heres what you can expect:

  • You can't change aligns at all for 2-3 weeks after your last align change(or starting align).
  • Visit the Maze. Travel through the Maze, searching all the dead ends. Sometimes, a portal link appears, in which you can click, and you get transported to a random shrine. This is the harder of the 2 methods.
  • There are 4 statues, which are shown on the Catacombs map. When you free the area of the creature, either by killing or running away, the statue shows. Now you rotate the shrines so it points at the center. i.e. North statue facing south, South statue facing north, East statue facing west, and West statue facing east. Once they are rotated to the center, you can go the center, run or kill that creature, and then you will see a portal. The portal takes you to either 1) one of the 4 elemental alignment shrines, 2) Limbo or 3 Salena in the Great Plains. If you don't get the desired location you have to work your way down through the Catacombs, realign the statues, and reenter the center location.
  • If you get the wrong Shrine by either of the above methods and leave, you get transported to a Maze dead end. You can walk back to the dead end that you believe the Shrine was last, but it rotates position every hour. So you may be stuck looking through all of them again. And if you give up, Rescue Me! is the only way quick way out, (unless you fight through to the beginning of the Maze.
  • If you get the right Shrine, click "how to align". If you didn't read step 1, it'll say something about your current align and not being able to leave it. Otherwise, it'll give you an option to click, click that. If it works, congrats. If you get a denial message, you'll have to try again later on, or try a different align(if you really want out of your current align). To sum it up, some days the alignment you want to join, won't want to take people who are your current alignment. And other days they will. So its kind of a trial and error process.

Elemental Guardians

When you get to 1000 Wisdom, you get the quest where you need to defeat all 4 Elemental Guardians. 3 of them are probably killable from the start, and the 4th takes a little effort. First, you only can kill them with a Elemental Weapon weak to their alignment(Example: Fire Axe on Air Guardian). However, the weapon you can make, is also the Guardian that will kill you. So you have to ask someone to send you the other 3 weapons. Spirit Aligned people(chat color = gold) can make any of them. Otherwise, ask someone of the other aligns to send you one. Now, the Guardian who is the same alignment as you, will
automatically surrender. The ones that are neutral to you, but not strongest, will put up a weak fight. And finally, to deal with the other Guardian, wait until you change aligns. Then it'll fall under one of the above 3 in terms of stats.

Spirit Align

After you kill the Storm Giant and rescued the Princess, the Master Druid will have you fight the Spirit Guardian. His max hit is 40k Hp. Once you defeat him, you become Spirit Aligned. That means your strong to every alignment that isn't neutral. You also can make any Elemental Weapon and you'll be on your way to defeating the Warlock.

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