Always Never's Review

Where did you find Shilla?

I was on webtv bored out of my mind cause I finished homework and nothing much to do so I searched webtv games and shilla popped up first on the list. I created a character and starting talking to people.

Why did you start playing?

I started playing because I loved the people that were in shilla I loved having something to do. It was like a chat room with a game attached that I could still play on webtv.

What made you interested?

Mostly the people. I get addicted to people too much. Seeing them everyday and talking to them. Joking around and having conversations. I stayed for so long because was a fun easy game with awesome people.

What kept you going?

Well I kept going when I did for one contest or another. Like someone would say I couldn't change my color. Or some new person was catching up to me and I would race to stay ahead. Eventually it got to the point were I didn't really play but just logged on to chat and only played to wait for responses.

Did you ever want to quit?

Want to? I quit all the time. 2-5 times already. Real life, other games, short attention span. I'd just wander off. Then I'd miss the place and long on to see who was on.

So how long have you been playing this?

About 7-8 years. Minus all the time spent on vacation.

Most Positive things to happen to Shilla?

Depends. Could be when Melkor was promoted to admin? (I dont know if he always was an admin was just good at hiding it) One day a Melkor appeared in chat and started up a knowledge race. Everyone wanted to know who it was. I didn't find out till much later the identity. He was very good at hiding who he was. I say that was the best thing is because hes been the only one you see and really been keeping up for a few years now and well without that guy doing whatever it is he does I doubt shilla would be around. Also when VooDoo became an admin. He's been working pretty hard lately to make things and help Melkor with the game.
That or all of the new people who have joined shilla. Even if they've left they came saw and played. Thats all I want to see.

Most negative things to happen to Shilla?

Adira, Bonzo, Hestas, the other admins leaving, and all the other players who've left are the negative thing of shilla. All of those people who left tend to be the negative thing in shilla. We miss them and always will, but I guess moving on is good. Darn those 3d graphics and real life stuff.

Final Shilla Thoughts:

Well, without sounding too girly, Shilla is like my home. Home is where the heart is, and part of my heart stays with shilla. So i wont stray too far. I miss everyone who leaves and am grateful for the chance to meet any and every new player.

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