Aqua Sapphire

Aqua Sapphire armor is the last set of armor that doesn't give a stat bonus of any kind. It is similar to Red Ruby armor in it's usefulness. i.e. used as objects to be gathered for guild quests. Aqua Sapphire armor pieces aren't even used in any known forges. Obtaining the pieces of Aqua can be rather difficult with them only being dropped only by creatures located in the upper levels of the Pyramid and the bottom fathoms of the Ocean area.

Name Location Protection
Aqua Sapphire Shell Visage Anubis 27
Aqua Shellplate Cuirass Horus 27
Aqua Shellplate Gorget Seahorse Rider 27
Aqua Shellplate Shield Isis 27
Aqua Sapphire Leggings Seahorse Rider 27
Aqua Sapphire Boots Black Fathom 27
Aqua Sapphire Tallon Gloves Sea Wolf 27

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