Arch Angel and Quest

Restoring the Arch Angel

Not much is known about the Arch Angel since the last Shilla update in November of 2006. Here is what we do know.

The Arch Angel is one of the individuals that you must "rescue" from the influence of the Warlock. The Arch Angel is imprisoned at the top of the Sky Castle and you must defeat him to remove the control the Warlock has over the Arch Angel.

Quest Requirements

You must receive the quest from the Mayor in Shillatown, having completed the Rescue the Master Druid quest. This quest requires a Wisdom score of 501 and enough Intelligence to enter the Sky Castle.

Completing the Quest

Getting to the Arch Angel's location is both easier and more difficult than other quest. You must safely make your way from the Mountain top, through one spot of the Clouds, and then walk up through the three levels of the Sky Castle. Unlike such areas as the Druid Keep and Drakmor Castle you don't have to kill the creature to move. That is the easy part.

The harder part is that the entrance to the where the Arch Angel resides, the Golden Doors, is guarded by the Air Elemental. He is often a more difficult opponent than the Arch Angel himself.

The Arch Angel hits for approximately 7,000 points of damage. Averages of around 4,000 have been reported. He has approximately 40,000,000 points of life and is assumed to be aligned with the sphere of Air. The Arch Angel does have five attacks, so Bedazzle and Magic Shield spells will be very effective against him.

Being a "major" opponent, the Arch Angel will probably have high physical and magical defense, as well as a high defense against scroll attacks.

Quest Reward

The Arch Angel will always drop the Ruby Ring. The reward for "rescuing" the Arch Angel is 1 Billion experience points and 40 Quest Points.

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