Area Restrictions

Area Restrictions

Every area in Shilla has a different restriction which can prevent a player from accessing it. Below you will find the base information of each area and the restriction to takes for you to enter. Remember, these are only BASE restrictions, you can wear amulets that increase Intelligence to allow you to see the area. The order of these are generally the order in which your training areas should go!

You may view the full race/area table at the bottom of this page!

Training Areas

Area Base Requirement
Beach Get Quest from the Mayor
Outskirts 36, 40, or 44 Intelligence, Receive Rescue the King Quest
Sewers 54, 60, or 66 Strength
Vast Valley 54, 60, or 66 Intelligence
Druid Valley 72, 80, or 88 Intelligence
Cemetary/Crypt 72, 80, or 88 Intelligence
Drakmor Castle 90, 100, or 110 Intelligence
Lake Gala 117, 130, or 143 Intelligence
Mountain 144, 160, or 176 Intelligence
Dark Forest 171, 190, or 209 Intelligence
Deep Dark Forest/Pit 198, 220, or 242 Intelligence
Maze 225, 250, or 275 Intelligence
Dungeon 261, 290, or 319 Intelligence
Sand Mansion Path 1,536 Dexterity
Druid Keep 297, 330, or 363 Intelligence
Sand Mansion 1,536-3,072 Dexterity
Sky Castle 333, 370, or 407 Intelligence
Great Plains 396, 410, or 451 Intelligence
Volcano Crater 405, 450, or 495 Intelligence
Canals 441, 490, or 539 Intelligence
Clouds 486, 540, or 594 Intelligence
Vast Desert 531, 590, or 649 Intelligence
Lower Volcano 576, 640, or 704 Intelligence
Ocean 621, 690, or 759 Intelligence
Glacier 666, 740, or 814 Intelligence
Pyramid 711, 790, or 869 Intelligence
Atlantis 756, 840, 924 Intelligence
Druid Temple Defeat all 4 Elemental Guardians
Ice Palace 864, 960, or 1,056 Intelligence
Catacombs 918, 1,020, or 1,122 Intelligence
Baleful Swamp 1,800, 2,000, or 2,200 Constitution
Old Towne 1,800, 2,000, or 2,200 Dexterity

Race Villages

Elven Village Invisibility Ring, or see below
Dwarven Stronghold Invisibility Ring, or see below
Necropolis Invisibility Ring, or see below
Halfling Shire Invisibility Ring, or see below
Draconian Lair Invisibility Ring, or see below
Orc Outpost Invisibility Ring, or see below

Elven Village restriction has to do with Elf kills. Raising Charisma gets you in, and having low Elf kills helps.

Dwarven Stronghold restriction has to do with spells and money. Have little spells and lots of money. About 1.5 million gold is needed at least and more if you have higher spells.

Necropolis can be entered when you have died within the past 24 hours

Halfling Shire can be entered when you have many different kinds of foods (try to have at least 16 foods) and low Quest Points.

Draconian Lair has Drunken Guards that always hit you for 4,000 max hit depending on your race, so have enough Life.

Orc Outpost can be accessed if you have enough Elf kills, at least 50-100 kills will most likely get you in safely.

Finally, all villages can easily be entered if you equip an Invisibility Ring, bought from Halfling Shire. So basically, just get 410 Int to get to Halfling Shire, have many kinds of food to get in, but the Ring, and then you can enter all villages safely. Pixies are invisible by nature. Lucky them. Be careful however when you enter Draconian Lair. Have at least enough Life, since Drunken Guards always hit you.

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