Armor Shop

The term "Armor Shop" is basically a place that buys and sells armor in Shilla. There is one in each village, plus Shillatown. The selling price of a piece of armor doesn't vary by location. A character's Charisma is the determining factor in determining a piece of armor's value.

The town shop sells beginner armor, a complete set of leather and chain mail. The Villages sell Village Armor, which is a high priced stat boosting armor.

Shilla Armor Locations
Shillatown Armor Villages Armor
Leather Helm Chain Mail Coif Dwarven Stronghold Dwarven Helm
Leather Gloves Chain Mail Gauntlets Elven Village Elven Boots
Leather Pants Chain Mail Leggings Elven Village Elven Cloak
Leather Shield Wooden Shield Halfling Shire Halfling Necklace
Leather Neckband Chain Mail Necklace Orc Outpost Orcish Leggings
Leather Shirt Chain Mail Shirt Draconian Lair Draconian Shield
Leather Boots Chain Mail Boots Necropolis Wraith Gloves
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