Ascension Armor
Ascension Armor is the very last tier of armor in Shilla.
Because there is no regular monster who drops this armor, all armor is either elite or comes with stats.
Elite armor will have double the defense stat, with no stat boosts.
Other armor will have stat boosts, but the listed armor values.
The main stat will be +5120, any secondary stats will be +2560.
All the monsters who drop this armor, reside in the Spiritual Plane
Name Type Defense Monster
Boots of Ascension Feet 1080 Ascended Foot
Gloves of Ascension Hands 1080 Spiritual grasp
Helm of Ascension Head 1215 Warlord of the Keep
Leg Armor of Ascension Legs 1115 Knee of big pain
Mail of Ascension Chest 1475 Ascended Ruler of…
Neckband of Ascension Neck 1215 Spiritualist
Shield of Ascension Shield 1215 Shield of Ascension
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