Atlantis is an area outside of the Ocean that primarily leads to the Water Guardian. It consists of 3 Towers, a Silver Tower, a Gold Tower, and a Red Tower. Each tower has a different monster group, and also different directions to move around.

Atlantis requires an Intelligence of 756, 840, or 924 depending on your race to enter.

Directions to Atlantis: From Ocean entrance; 3e, s, e, 4s, w, 4s, 3e, 3n (2s, e, 3n from Orc Outpost entrance). From here, just follow the path d and all the way to Atlantis.

Directions inside Atlantis can be found here:

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To find the Atlantis, you must work your way through the Ocean to the main entrance. From the Middle Beach teleport location go South, West, South, East four times, South seven times, East twice, North, then Down five times. This will put you at the entrance of the 5th Fathom of the Ocean. Just follow the path around until you reach the Atlantis entrance. Once you've reached the entrance, next time you can just use the Atlantis entrance teleport location.

Atlantis isn't used much for training purposes because of the need to wear an underwater breathing device and the illusionary directions. Some characters are content to stay in the Glacier until they move on to the Ice Palace.

While in Atlantis all the directions show, with each tower having a specific path. If you pick the wrong direction you'll get teleported all the way back to the main entrance. Once you have navigate through the 3 Towers, you can walk up to the Water Guardian.

Quick Look

Name Align Armor/Resist Attacks Drops Life Max Hit Location
Inlov Water 15%/30% 1 Dark Chocolate 14,000,000 34,000 Walkways
Mummified Queen Qutala None 25%/20% 1 None 15,200,000 34,250 Silver Tower
Mummified King Eferus None 25%/20% 1 None 15,000,000 34,500 Silver Tower
Xypot Water 25%/20% 2 Atlantean Treats 15,500,000 35,600 Silver Tower
Harmot Water 30%/25% 1 None 14,500,000 33,750 Gold Tower
Dytreti Water 30%/25% 1 None 15,000,000 35,000 Gold Tower
Timura Water 30%/25% 1 3 Golden Apples 15,500,000 35,100 Gold Tower
King Valhostro Water 35%/30% 1 None 15,000,000 34,500 Red Tower
Angtoro Water 30%/25% 2 None 15,500,000 32,500 Red Tower
Carmallo Water 30%/25% 1 Ambrosia 16,000,000 33,000 Red Tower
Water Guardian Water 50%/50% 2 None Varies Varies End of Atlantis


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