Avian Hideout

Making up one of the three Promised Islands, you will find the Avian birdfolk. They are located by going W from the coordinates 13, 67, but actually having finished the corresponding Bottle Quest is also required to proceed into the area. The sea section does contain ship that you can combat, but at this point in your adventuring career, the reward isn't worth the effort or time.

As with the other race islands you are required to complete a series of fetch quests in order to completely explore the island, including battling Elite and beyond level creatures. Once completed the island does provide an excellent location to farm selected pieces of elite versions of Aqua Shellplate and Oracle armor.

The drop rate for these creatures is pretty low. I suggest you wait until you 1 round them prior to starting any of the quests, as well as an Elite Hunting Day for the Elite armor quests.

Make sure to bring lots of food, because none is currently dropped by any of the inhabitants of the Avian Hideout.

Avian Hideout does have the unique feature of a small patch of Desert spots. Here you will find only 4 and 5 ways, and since they are not set on diagonal directions Treasure Hunting here is much easier.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Avian Scout Air 11%-50%/11%-47% 2 Aqua Shellplate Gauntlets, Aqua Shellplate Bascinet 2,000,000 17,900 Humanoid
Avian Patrol Air 11%-50%/11%-47% 4 Oracle Pendant, Oracle Slacks 2,050,000 22,100 Air Creature
Magic Bird Air 11%-50%/11%-47% 5 None 2,125,00 25,600 Air Creature
Avian Guard Evil 11%-50%/11%-47% 5 None 2,650,000 27,000 Humanoid
Avian Wizard Evil 11%-50%/11%-47% 4 Oracle Barrier, Oracle Mittens 2,600,000 23,400 Humanoid
Avian Infiltrator Air 11%-50%/11%-47% 5 Aqua Shellplate Sabotons, Aqua Shellplate Cuirass 2,525,000 27,200 Humanoid


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