Baleful Swamp

"The aroma of rotting vegetation fills your nose, making you want to gag as you walk through a swamp."

And with that The Baleful Swamp becomes the second highest training area in the game and is found at the bottom of The Pit.

There is no Intelligence requirement to enter this area, but your character must be Spirit Align to access this area.

Three creatures roam the Swamp: the Swamp Hag, Ghast, and the Dark Naga. All of them are not aligned to any elements.

The Dark Naga drops a food called Marsh Mellow, 20% of the time. Marsh Mellows heal for 8,829, making them the highest healing food dropped.

Warning: This is not an easy jump from the Catacombs. At Str: 13,860, Dex: 16,650, and Con: 13,300 I was barely 1 rounding the Dark Naga. The hits I saw from him were nearly it's max hit as well.

Quick Look

Name Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Experience
Swamp Hag 30%? 1 None 20,700,000 44,500 175,000,000
Ghast 35%? 1 None 20,500,000 44,000 180,000,000
Dark Naga 35%? 1 Marsh Mellow(20%) 21,000,000 45,000 190,000,000

Map to come soon

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