Baleful Swamp

"The aroma of rotting vegetation fills your nose, making you want to gag as you walk through a swamp."

And with that The Baleful Swamp becomes what was once the second highest training area in the game. It is still found at the bottom of the Deep Dark Forest. Characters move here after they finish training in the Catacombs, and will move on to the Old Towne afterwards.

There is no Intelligence requirement to enter this area, but instead you need to have at least 2000 Constitution to enter it.

Three creatures roam the Swamp: the Swamp Hag, Ghast, and the Dark Naga. The Dark Naga drops a food called Marsh Mellows, 20% of the time. Marsh Mellows heal for 8,829, making them your snack for a while.

Warning: This is not an easy jump from the Catacombs. At Str: 13,860, Dex: 16,650, and Con: 13,300 I was barely 1 rounding the Dark Naga. The hits I saw from him were nearly its max hit as well. This is especially true for Swordwielders and those armed with a Bow because of the penalty to damage. I was 1 rounding Old Towne before I was 1 rounding Ghasts.

Not a whole lot going on in the Baleful Swamp. Entrances to Mount M in the northeast corner, and Old Towne in the southeast corner can be found here.

The only other resident is a Cookie Monster

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Swamp Hag None 30%/30% 1 None 20,700,000 44,500 Other
Ghast None 35%/35% 1 Stone of Attention 20,500,000 44,000 Shapeless
Dark Naga None 35%/35% 1 Marsh Mellows 21,000,000 45,000 Beast


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