Banks are very useful places to store gold while on adventures!
Location: Shillatown and every other village
Directions from fountain: E, 2S, W, S, E.

The Banks in Shilla are all connected and most shops are also connected to the banking system.
This means you don't need to carry all your gold in your pockets and risk losing them when dying or by getting pickpocketed in the Orc Outpost.

The buttons in the bank are pretty self explanatory. You can Withdraw or Deposit all your gold at once, or in exact amounts depending on how much you wish to carry.

It's usually a good idea to keep almost all your gold in the bank as there's no need to get it out when visiting shops or forges.

When buying/forging/receiving an item, the fee is automatically removed from either your pocket or your bank account, in that order.

Exceptions to the above are the Invisibility Ring curse removal and the Village Informant. You must have the required gold on hand to pay for these services.

You cannot Withdraw more gold than what's in the account, the Shilla bankers aren't fond of handing out loans…

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