The Beach is the easiest area in Shilla that a character can train in, and is usually the first. It can be part of the first quest given to you by the Mayor, the Clean the Beach Quest.

In the order of training area the Outskirts usually follows the Beach.

There is no Intelligence requirement to enter the Beach.

There is a newly formed shop on the Beach. It sells Goat Milk, a Shovel, and the skill Digging. Buying the Shovel and Digging skills are not needed until they are used in Residence building.

The Cookie Monster has a home in the Beach area.

You can dig up Sand and Gravel at the "Work here" spot south of the entrance if you have your shovel equipped.

Stay away from the Northeast corner of the beach by the Sand Mansion! There is no minimum requirement to enter the area, however one hit from the Starfish will kill you instantly until you have over 1,500 points of life. This threat has been removed by adding a requirement to enter the Sand Mansion area.

Six creatures make their home on the Beach. They are the Hermit Crab, Crab, Stone Crab, Crab Lord, Demon Crab, and Mermaid Hunter. The last two creatures are monsters that you need to fight to do certain quests. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Hermit Crab None 0%/0% 1 Crab Legs 75 20 Vermin
Crab None 0%/0% 1 Crab Legs 100 28 Vermin
Stone Crab None 0%/0% 1 Shovel 125 35 Vermin
Crab Lord None 0%/0% 2 2 Crab Legs, Elite Soft Leather Coif, Elite Cloth Sandals, Tin Plated Gloves 150 50 Vermin
Demon Crab None 10%/0% 1 None 90,000 275 Vermin
Mermaid Hunter None 20%/5% 1 None 1,100,000 1,650 Unknown


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