Beach Quest

Quest Information

This quest is the beginner's quest to Shilla. It asks you to clean the Beach, which basically means you need to get 40 Intelligence. This is the Intelligence needed to visit the next area in Shilla, the Outskirts.

Getting the Quest

To get the quest, you need to visit the mayor's office. It is 1 east, 1 north, and 1 east from the Fountain. He will then instruct you on what to do, which is basically worded the same way as I have described above.

Doing the Quest

You need to go to the Beach, and kill the crabs there for experience. Then, with that experience, you need to go to the Training Hut to train. The goal is 40 Int. Once you get that, you can visit the mayor to get the reward.

Note: Stone crabs are the hardest monsters to kill here. You may want to raise some of the fighting stats(Str,Dex,Con) to kill them in 1-round. They give slightly more exp per kill, but you could just avoid them as well. Though they seem to appear the most in the area.

Quest Rewards

When you come back to the Mayor's office, he will give you 1 million exp and 2000 gold plus 5 Quest Points. It is a great start to your Shilla career as 1 mil exp can get you really far on fighting stats, and the 2000 gold is enough to get a decent starter weapon, like the Battle Axe.

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