Leather and Chain Mail

At the beginning of the game you start out naked. While buying some armor can help you, the best protection you can buy is a complete set of chain mail. This would give you 42 points of protection, not much considering the amount of gold you would have to spend on it. Doublly detrimental considering how long it takes to earn gold at the lower levels. The best recommendation is to train life stats and eat food, keeping an eye on the max hit of the creature you are fighting.

The first piece of armor you should pick up is the Shimmering Cloak in the Vast Valley. It is worn on the chest and absorbs 9 points of damage per attack.

Silver Chain Mail

Next would be the Silver Chain Mail group found in Drakmor Castle. A complete set absorbs 63 points of damage per attack. This is usually reached between 1,000 and 1,500 Wall Score.

Green Scale Armor

Green Scale Armor is gotten from two creatures, the Dead Knight and the Hydra. To defeat the Dead Knight and receive the Fire Emerald Shield a character needs at least 765 points of life. The Hydra is a tougher opponent and requires around 1,500 points of life and a full set of Silver Chain Mail to be safe. While the chances of the Hydra dropping some piece of the the Green Scale set are excellent, if may take you many kills to collect the six pieces it drops. From what I understand each piece has a 52.5% chance of dropping. Green Scale armor can also be sent at 1000 Wall Score. Wearing a complete suit of Green Scale armor is usually accomplished by 2,000 to 3,000 Wall Score.

Once you have the complete set of Green Scale armor you will absorb 84 points of damage per attack and can move on to the Intermediate armor level.

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