Bp's Beginner Mage Guide

Mage Guide(newer version), By Bp/Kyle

This is a rewrite of Becca's guide, which isn't bad by any means, it's
just that it is outdated and also some of the things she mentioned are
maybe not the best way to go about it. I'd still read it however.

Anyway, to start:

Mages use spells and not weaponry, use Int for attacks instead of Dex,
and instead of Str + Con + Weapon for attack power, it relies on the
formula of Base Stat(Str, Con, Wis or Chr depending on class) + Spell
Power + Weapon.

Sounds confusing, but once you start you'll get the hang of it. However,
since it is a more difficult class to learn, the game tutorial(starter
areas) require you to play the game the default way, at least until
you have completed the 2nd of 3 Beach Quests.

So I will copy/paste the newbie guide here, and follow that for a
little while.

Start of Game, newer version.

With the game getting a more beginner version, this is a slight rewrite
of things and what to do. First, when starting out, don't bother doing
the 40 int method of training. You won't need those stats. I'd try to
get at least 3 attacks(50 Dex) and the rest as Str + Con for fighting
stats. Once you have a character created with those stats, move on.
If for some reason, you can't get to 50 Dex with starting bonuses,
go with 30 Dex(2 attacks), and put the rest in Str+Con for damage.

You'll start in the Fountain, which is the center of the entire game.
Accept the starting quest to see the Mayor, which is E,N,E from fountain.
He talks about starting a quest to clean the beach. Accept it. Now head
south towards the Beach, going W,S,S,S,W. You'll find a Town Guard.
Accept his quest to find a weapon. Now walk to the Dirt Path. You will
go E, 4N, 4E, NE to find the Dirt Path.

Kill the monsters along the way, these are starting monsters that
shouldn't give you much problems if you have the right stats. Pick up
any food you get that drops from the ground, either the Snake Meat or
the Juicy Steak. The food here is different from most foods in the game,
the Snake Meat heals for 50 life, the Juicy Steak heals for 50 Mana or
Fatigue. If you need to heal in battle, eat the Snake Meat, if you are
training, eat the Juicy Steak. Now, take the first NW fork in the road,
then go NE at the second fork, and go to the end of that path. You will
receive a Rusty Dagger. It has an average damage of 10 points, which is
better than nothing. Be careful though, if you were to die, you can not
get this weapon again.

You should do some training in this area, try to get about 100k exp.
At some point, you will need 20 Chr to move on to the next section of the
Dirt Path. Keep picking up food, and start walking back to town. Be careful
as you are going back to town, and hopefully not attack a Town Guard, even
though you should be safe as they don't attack beginners who haven't trained
yet. Once you do however, you are fair game to get destroyed(they will kill you).

Once you are back in Town, go 5W, N, W to the food shop and sell whatever food
you have extra in your inventory for gold. Now leave there, go S, 3W, N, W and
buy the Teleport spell. Leave there, go N and train it. At level one it will
teleport you to the Fountain, which you can use to sleep in and fully regain all
stats. Teleport, and walk to the Training Hall, which is 4E, S, W from Fountain.
Train Chr to 20, and Str to at least 41. Now head back to the Dirt Path, hopefully
you are starting to get a hang of the layout of the game to know where to go.

With the 20 Chr, you can enter the Farm Lands. There is a quest immediately when
you start to walk in where the farmer wants us to collect eggs. The area to the
left has a Fat Hen, Lazy Chicken, and More Lazy Chicken, and an occasional
Rooster. The Hen and More Lazy Chicken drop the Chicken Eggs, we need 12.
This area is a little stronger, so if you are getting hit a few times, make sure
you go get more Snake Meat for healing.

Once you get 12 eggs, go back and turn them in. You get 500 gold! Now he needs us
to find the rooster and 'take care of it'. In the same section, just train until
we find the rooster. The rooster is stronger, so be careful when fighting it.
Killing the rooster and going back gets you 20k experience. He has one more quest,
to kill the Fox. If you want to look for it, keep following the path east, until
you can go North. This spot and the spot North are where the Fox can spawn, the
spawn rate is very low(1%) so I would advise just killing all the monsters in
the area until you find it so you are still making progress. If you feel weak still,
teleport back to town.

Once you are in town, train your Chr to 30 for sure. Then go to the weapon shop
(Walk to Dirt Path, at the 4 way go 2N) and buy a Battle Axe. As long as we got
the 41 Str required, we can equip this and increase our damage by an average of 26
points per attack.

Now I would go back to town, and go 1N from the Fountain. This is an item storage
area. I'd store the Rusty Dagger there, at least for the time being. If you die,
we can grab it if we need it. Of course, that is not the objective here, but better
safe than sorry.

We want to go to the Beach, but on the way there, we want to deposit our hard
earned gold. So go E,S,S,W,S,E from the Fountain to the Bank. Deposit what you
have currently. If we ever die, we keep the gold in the bank, but you lose
everything you have on hand.

Now continue on to the Beach, which is W,S,E,S from the Bank. Start killing
all the crabs in the area while exploring the Beach entirely. The Crab legs heal
for 9 points of health, fatigue and mana, and about 90% of the food in this game
will heal all 3 bars at once. If a Stone Crab is giving you problems, you can avoid
them for now, the other 2 Crabs are the ones who drop food.

If you feel brave, there is a cave you can go down in, which is an elite monster.
They are different because they have an opportunity to go first in battle, instead
of you. The chances are lower if you have a higher Chr ratio to Dex, which we should.
They give almost 1000 exp, and drop some armor + 2 Crab Legs opposed to the normal 1
from the other crabs. To equip one of these pieces, you need to join a Guild, which
you can research later.

I'd farm this area until you have killed all the Hermit Crabs, then teleport to town
and visit the mayor. Now he wants you to kill 60 regular Crabs. I'd take a detour,
and visit the armor shop and sell all the armor you picked up from the Crab Lord.
5-6 pieces of armor should be enough to get enough gold to buy 2 Glowing Rings from
the amulet shop SW of town(W,S,S,W,W,S,S) from fountain. This will add 10 Str and
give you a glowing ability that we will need down the road in the Sewers.
Teleport back, and visit the Experienced Adventurer (2E,S) from Fountain. You can
buy badges which allow you the ability to teleport to places, plus get exp/gold
bonuses. Buy the Beach so we can teleport to there. Also, make sure we have teleport
at level 2(should have been done at the start).

Now go tackle the regular crabs. Same idea, farm the Crab Lord for some extra gold,
otherwise just kill everything until you hit the quest goal. By focusing on the
Crab Lord and whatever crabs came my way until I hit the quest goal, I had 31 pieces
of armor to sell + 80 crab legs and 275k experience to train.

End of newbie guide and back to the mage route.

The Mage guild is 3W, S of the Fountain. Signing up gets you the 'Magic Arrow'
scroll, which you will take to the Scroll Center to Train. Depending on your Wisdom,
you probably can only get it to level 10 or so, which is okay. The average damage
is about 25. Also, since this is a neutral spell, the attack power is the sum
of all 4 mage attack power stats(Str,Con,Wis,Chr divided by 4.
So written down on paper we have:
(Str+Con+Wis+Chr/4) + Weapon + Spell Damage = Total Damage
Int is the number of attacks(10,30,50,70,90 and so on.
You can also afford to purchase the Magic Shield spell. This is can absorb some
damage from incoming attacks. You won't get it very high at the moment, but
something is better than nothing so might as well train it a couple levels
and cast it.

Now that we got that out of the way, finish the crab quest and practice your spell
casting ability. If you feel that you are weaker than before, it's okay to try
fighting them with your axe(turn the attack option on in settings), until you
get a little stronger with mage stats.

After finishing that quest, I had enough exp to get my Int to 70, My Wis to 40,
and some Con for life. Trained up my Magic Arrow to level 20 and our spell
cast went up to to an average of 47 points per attack.

Now I went and did the Fox quest and trained on the chickens on the far right
side of the Farm House. The Fox can drop a Fox Cap, which is +20 Chr, but the
spawn rate is very low, and the drop rate is also low so patience is needed.
I actually never got the cap when I wrote this guide, that's how blah it is.

If you get it cool, if not, it's not a big deal. I trained my Int to 90,
Wis to 50, Magic Arrow and Magic Shield to highest possible, Chr to 40
to access the next Farm Lands area.

Here you can learn how to Harvest, it is a newer skill in the game. Accept the
quest, walk to the other end of the area, and come back to complete it. After
that, you'll get the Harvesting Scroll, which you can take to the end of town
straight east from the Fountain, and N to train it. Just train it to lvl 1 for
now, training it higher doesn't increase odds, and only uses more Fatigue.

Buy a Harvesting Tool from the Shop at the Farm Lands, and now you can harvest.
We need 20 Earthworms, which may take a little time, but not super long. You
will notice a lot of Potatoes, which aren't worth anything so don't bother
picking them up. After getting 20 Earthworms, go back and complete the quest.

Now you can access the next area. You can farm Apples here and Magic Apples.
Magic ones heal more mana than a regular one, so they can be worth getting.
Otherwise, you can try to train here, the exp is about 2k a kill and better
than what we are getting now. I was still getting hit at this point, so I
thought better of it.

Time for a mini break to talk about other things.
Cookie Monster - You may have seen this guy on the Beach. He trades food for
rare gems and misc items. This one works with Green Emeralds, Green Dusts, and
Green Trunks. The Trunk adds +5 to your Item Storage(so you can hold 10 items),
the Dust and Gem can be used in a forge combo to create a Eagle Tailsman
(You need a Spear from town, a Hard Leather Escutcheon from Town, and a
Pegasus Wing(food someone can send you). This item gives +100 Dex and +50 Str.
Realistically as a mage, this won't do much damage wise for you, but it will
give you survivability as it is a +150 life increase.

Bored Guard - Not worh your time. In general practice it is better to wait
until you see it in a higher level town, because the armor can be a better version.
Doing it here generally is seen as a waste of time for everyone, since the monsters
you will kill aren't worth the time wasted for the 10% exp/gold bonus.

Dark Traveler - This guy can be benefical for a mage. As a mage who focuses on Int,
you will be able to access more areas where he comes across. You will go to 2 different
places, the first one gives you a reward of a Dark Trinket(hold on to these, needed for
the near end game and are rare as hell), the 2nd will give you a random weapon within
a certain value depending on DT area. You may get lucky and find a nice upgrade, if
not you can sell it for some small gold.

All 3 of these upon completion do give a 10% exp/gold bonus for 30 minutes.

Exploration - You can get bonuses for areas that you have walked completely in.
At this level I was able to get badges for everything up to Druid Valley,
and the total bonuses added up to 1.5% exp. Not a lot of course, but everything
adds up so we may as well do it.

Now onto areas where we can train next:

Outskirts: Probably overpowered for this area at this point. Goblins drop a Woodcutting
Scroll which can teach you Woodcutting, a skill needed down the road for house design.
Bats drop Bat Wings, that heal for 18.

Arena: NW of town, this a newer area that gives about the same exp as Outskirts, but
the advantage here is it drops starter weapons, which can be sold at the weapon shop
for some extra gold.

Farm Lands: Orchards - They do give the best exp at 2k, but I was getting hit enough
that I felt it wasn't worth it, you'd need to harvest a ton of apples(25 hp heal),
or buy food from town(money may be tight) plus the rare spawn Angry Foreman considered
me dying unless I had my very weak magic shield up.

Sewers: Not happening yet, not worth talking about.

So if you want to play it safe, hit the Arena, if you want to be a little more daring,
go with the Farm Lands.

Out next goal should be the Sewers. The Warrior can give us another weapon, and
with that we can sell it for 1700 gold, which will solve a lot of beginner problems.
We are looking for any type of drop, best weapon we can get will be a Warrior Axe.
Again, we are looking for base damage and this is the best and easiest way to get it.
So I'd train Str and Con to get there, with Dex being a last resort as Dex for a mage
does nothing more than increase life, while Str + Con can increase damage as well.

Side note: If you happen to get a Eagle Talisman from the CM drops, great! The +50
Str will help you equip the Axe quicker and you can focus on raising Int for attacks.

Once I got to 200 Life, I loaded up on food and worked on getting a weapon drop.
1 drop is worth 25 Bear Steaks, which heal for 144. This can be useful when training,
less time eating food = more time training.

Right now, let me give you a rough idea of where I am:
Attack Spells: Magic Arrow [31]
Buff Spells: Magic Shield [5]
Ring1: Glowing Ring Ring2: Glowing Ring
Equipped Weapons: Battle Axe
Str:81 Dex:59 Con:61 Wis:62 Int:110 Chr:40
Life : 201 / 201 Mana : 212 / 212 Fatigue: 182/ 182

I'm training in the Orchid, using Bear Steaks to heal when hit, like I mentioned
earlier, you can train in the Arena and not have to worry about paying too much
attention to getting hit, but the exp may be lower.

I would recommend getting your str to 131 to wield the Warrior Axe, place that
above raising your Int for attacks as the total damage from weapon + attack
power will be worth it. It took me about 3 million exp, but once you get that
you will be set for a good while.

I'd still keep out for making that Eagle Tailsman. But we can't assume things based
on luck and RNG so I'm writting this assuming you need it.

I raised my Str 30 points with 1.1 mil experience and was able to 1-round Sewers
a respectable amount, while trying to farm for a Warriors Axe while using Bear Steaks
to keep my life over 200 for the times I got hit by a Warrior.

Note: If you find a Broadsword, you can equip it at 123 Str, which is 8 points lower
than a Warriors Axe. It will increase damage, but we want the Axe in the end so keep
looking for it.

Once we got the Warrior's Axe and the 131 Str, we can relax a little on the life.
I'd keep training in the Sewers, enjoying the nice feeling of 1-rounding and not
needing to eat as much, while rolling in the weapon drops.

We probably need about 3 attacks to 1-round Vast Valley, so focus on doing that
in the Sewers. While you are doing this grinding, think over what speciality you'd
like to be. Read Here for more details.

If you are bored, you can train in "Eddie's Ranch" in the Dirt Roads. There is an
item called the 'Workhorse' that actually decreases weight by -12, so basically
it helps you carry more items. Honestly, it's a novalty item and pointless,
keep training in Sewers for gold and weapon drops.

At this point, here are my stats after getting the 3 attacks:
Str:131 Dex:59 Con:61 Wis:62 Int:170 Chr:58
Life : 251 / 251 Mana : 290 / 290 Fatigue: 182/ 182
Equipped Weapons: Warrior's Axe Ring2: Glowing Ring Ring1: Glowing Ring
Buff Spells: Magic Shield [5] Attack Spells: Magic Arrow [31]
(I did acquire an Eagle Talisman, but I'm not using it to keep the guide normal)

We can train decently in the Vast Valley, so we should do that. We should be
trying to maximize our resources the best we can. That means trying to hit
Dark Traveler and Cookie Monster when they are available, for 10% exp/gold bonuses.
Note that these are shared with the entire game, so every 2 hours it gets activated,
it's fair game for anyone + there are numerous locations which they can be
spawned from, but if you're good and fast, you can capitalize on these things.
Also, make sure you are walking around whenever you find a new area to get bonuses.
I was able to get 1.5% Gold bonus from Sewers and Dark Forest exploration.

After a lot of thought, I decided it was just best to get to 220 Int, so
we can visit the Speciality Guilds in Elven Village + we need to increase
our attacks anyway.

After a bunch of grinding in the Vast Valley, I finally got the 220 Int.
Now to make a decision.

Note I use Fire/Tome, Air/Orb, Earth/Staff, Water/Wand interchangably.

Fire has no purchaseable spell, so I ruled them out in the beginning.
Water has River of Dex and a purchaseable spell, but raising Chr to 123
took a little bit of effort and it's Chr so other than shop prices being
lowered, it could be seen as a challenge.
Air doesn't have any defensive spell that's worth anything at the moment,
but you have the Str to equip their weapons, so that would be a plus.
Earth needs Con to be raised, and their defense shield replaces Magic
Shield and is harder to train.

I honestly wasn't happy with any of the choices, but I picked water.
I felt like getting a life boost from River of Dex was our best option.
However, if you decide to quit you have to wait a day to quit,
and then wait another day to join something else. So you may feel
better about waiting, and that's okay.

So at this point we need to start thinking long term. Our main goal
is to have 715 life, armor, or some combination of both to beat the Castle.
As a fighter it is simple, Str, Con and Dex are fighter stats. Training those
3 gets the job done and nothing else. Mages need those obviously, but Int for
attacks, Wis for increasing spells, and Chr is hit or miss depending on speciality.
Once we get going though, it gets easier so you don't need to feel like a loser.
We just need to push through some.

Order of stat raising: Primary stat(Str,Con,Wis,Chr) to 123 to equip weapon.
Next would be 120 wisdom to train your spells up. Next would be Chr to 120.
Finally, your life to 400. Obviously with a Eagle Talisman, this would be
a much easier goal.

Once you have 120 Wisdom, you should have enough to train the combined spell
level of your spells to 100 to complete quest 1 for the mages. This gives you
a .53% increase in spell power and -20% less mana cost.

We can't however, move up in our speciality until the Castle is completed.

Current stats I have as a Wandwielder for reference(with buffs active):
Str:131 Dex:205 Con:81 Wis:125 Int:220 Chr:144
Equipped Weapons: Draining Wand
Ring1: Glowing Ring Ring2: Glowing Ring
Buff Spells: Magic Shield [12] River of Dexterity [8] Energy Shield [12]
Attack Spells: Source of Life [17]
Life : 417 / 417 Mana : 318 / 489 Fatigue: 411 / 411 (Life 567 w/ ET)

So we can go down a couple roads here. One is if you have a ET and feel risky.
The other is if you do not, or just want to play it safer.

The ET route: With 575 life and proper buffs, we can go to the Cemetery and
fight a creature called the Grave Robber Spectre. They drop Mage armor, and
all 7 possible slots for it. Finally we have a full set of armor to wear.
Most importantly, the armor can sell for 300-400 gold a piece.
What you would want to do is go to the Town Vessel Supply Store and buy
'Ship's Biscuit'. It does cost 250 gold, but it heals for 500. 100 would
cost 25,000 gold.
Now fight this monster, usually takes 2, sometimes 3 rounds. Heal fully
with each food. For my 100 food example I made about 65k gold, 45k profit.
With all the money you have saved, you want to buy 3 things at least.
A Clear Crystal Amulet from the Elven Amulet Shop, and 2 Ring of Bones
from the Town Shop. All 3 of these will give +150 Int, which is 7.5 attacks.
Not only that, but we are closer to a major jump in possible jump in power,
explained shortly. If you feel more up to the grind, 2 Lightening Rings give
+40 Dex, which is life we don't need to train later for the Castle. That's
however, up to you on how you want to go about this. Like I said, it's high
risk because if you don't heal between fights, you're just as good as dead.

Non-ET route. Do what you can, buy the Ring of Bone's first for an extra attack
or 2. You probably can train on Druids safely, with the 400 life or so you can
test out Kreens and see how you do with them. The experience is good, just keep
focusing on getting your life/buffs to 515 to survive a Rookie Guard, and then train
Int and stats up to try and 1-round that over time. While you are doing it though,
try and look for the CM quests and get the Green Dust and Emerald, we really need
it soon. If you want to keep at it in Vast Valley for weapon drops and gold farming,
you can, but you probably want to get your stats up for the Castle, we can make more
money there soon enough.

After getting the 2 Rings of Bone and a CCA, I put all my experience in life stats
to try and speed up the Castle quest. I had these for stats:
Str:141 Dex:267 Con:128 Wis:163 Int:370 Chr:154
Equipped Weapons: Draining Wand
Armor Inventory Total Defense: : 43.20(buffs + full spectral armor and elite cloth sandals)
Necklace: Clear Crystal Amulet Ring1: Ring of Bone Ring2: Ring of Bone
Primary Guild: Mages Guild Rank: 2 Specialized Guild: WandWielders Guild Rank: 1
Life : 536 / 536 Mana : 580 / 687 Fatigue: 558/ 558
(Life w/ ET, 686/686)

With the ET, I had enough stats to clear the Castle and with that came 60 million exp.
I just dumped it all into Int as I'll explain why here:

With 410 Int, you can go to the Great Plains from the Vast Valley. If you have the
right number of foods(get as many as you can, probably about 15 different foods)
you can get into Halfling Shire. There is a Jewelry Exchange here, where others
can send you amulets and rings.
You want to have people send you some Phylacteries. These are items that higher
players can get on their own(probably 20k ws and up), but they are cheap and
can give you a massive boost since it is +400 to 1 stat.
You want these 3 or 4 depending on class:
1) Int for attacks.
2) Wis for spell training, also helps Fire equip their weapons.
3) Str or Con for life boost, also helps Air and Earth with their weapons.
4) Wand only, Chr for equipping their weapons.

Also, by completing the Castle quest, you can actually start to progress
on your mage specialty quests.

End of Beginners Mage Guide.

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