Bp S Review

Where did you find Shilla?

Friends. A bunch of them played in the school computer lab in middle school. I was close friends with a couple of them, so they showed me the game.

Why made you start playing?

I started playing because I knew some friends back in middle school who played. When I got an old computer from my uncle, I gave Shilla a shot.

What made you interested?

The fact that it was a simplistic RPG like game. I played many of those on video game consoles. I also liked how it worked well with my old computer with dial up.

What kept you going?

I never was the best. I wanted something to aim for. First it was passing my friends, then increasing my leads on them. I always was in a race with someone or something. When I got my cable modem, I got more addicted. I wanted to be a 'decent player'.

Did you ever want to quit?

Many times. Alot in the very very beginning. People never wanted to help me. The friends I mentioned earlier, didn't do a whole lot. I died a lot with dial up lag, and I would get frustrated with making gold all over to buy the things I lost.

So how long have you been playing this?

Since 2000-2001.

The whole time?

Mostly. I stopped at times to play Stratholm and Shimlar. Both games never clicked for me. Shimlar was a game I never could understand. It to me, screamed like you needed to be either A) extremely lucky or B) know some extremely higher level players to enjoy it. Stratholm… I got into it the last reset they had, and was pretty decent at it, but after some point, I saw no reason to continue. My clan could get me everything weapon/armor wise, and the actual quests you could do was limited after some point, leaving the only gameplay to be to play against other players. But a good deal of them were suspected cheaters, and the admins sucked at moderating that, which basically led me away from that game.

Most Positive things to happen to Shilla?

Storyline. It's finished. You have an actual real goal to it. When you start the game, you can actually finish it. Sure, many may not stick around for that, as it is quite a long road, but for someone like me, it gives you reason to keep playing.

There are alignments to Shilla, and you must pick one, between Air, Earth, Water, or Fire. A great deal of Shilla's monster's have an alignment too, so you can be really strong, or really weak to certain types of monsters.

There are Guild's you can join, which help your character become stronger in certain ways.

Most negative things to happen to Shilla?

Community. Over the years, it's gone down a lot. I'll be honest. By 2009 sometime, Shilla won't be around in my opinion.
People claim many things as to why it's died. People can talk about the resets it had back in 2002-2003. Or the gameplay updates in 2006. Those were big changes that many people may have felt were 'not needed' and 'unnecessary'.
I tend to believe that with faster internets, better computers, text based games have become less enjoyable. So games like Shilla get overlooked.

I feel that is unfair, but at the same time, there isn't a lot I can do about it. I can promote the game, and I do to some extent… but at the same time I feel that all things to come to an end, whenever they may be.

Final Shilla thoughts

I still feel Shilla is a game people can enjoy. I would never expect anyone to start-finish beat the game. At some point, the clicking will get to you. There is a lot of mindless clicking.
You will feel at times like you are fighting an uphill battle. It gets worse over time. You have to have a lot of time to want to kill, to want to succeed. Music or tv is a must have in the background. There is a chat, but even I'd have to admit, at times, it's pretty much dead.
I feel if you want to play, you will, and if you don't, at least you gave it a shot. That's all I can ask for.

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