A Burrito is the highest healing food in the game of Shilla, for an amount of 16,956. You can only buy Burritos after doing a series of Fetch Quests, both the Elven Food Quest and the Dwarven Food Quest.

Upon completion of the above, Bruno, the food shop owner in the Dark Forest, will ask you to get 10 Iron Rations. Click on the link to find the combo for the game's only forged food. After returning with the 10 Iron rations you will be given a sample Burrito and 5 Quest Points.

When you complete that Bruno will ask for 100 Ancient Spirit Herbs. Those are found on the 2nd level of Catacombs and are dropped by the Ancient Sorcerer.

Once you deliver those to Bruno you receive another 5 Quest Points and are able to buy as many Burritos as you can afford. They come at a hefty price, 10 million gold per Burrito, so would be mainly used for your last fight with the Warlock where you need to heal fast and often. Otherwise for training you're better off using Yellow Snow Cones that are considerably cheaper.

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