The Canals are an area I would describe as possibly skippable, perhaps trainable.

It depends on your alignment really. If you are Air alignment most of the monsters here are Earth alignment so you'd want to train here. Especially since the Volcano is Fire align it would be easier to train here, skipping that area to train in the Clouds.

If you're Water alignment you'd be strong in the Volcano and completely weak in this area. Making that a case for training in this area absolutely worthless.

Those of the Fire and Earth alignments would be better off training in the Volcano and skipping this area as well.

The biggest deterrent for people training in the canals isn't the alignment issue, but one of seeing. The Canals are one of the areas in Shilla that require you to either be able to see in the dark with Nightvision or wear some sort of accessory that is a light source. With the advent of the Phylactery of Moonlight or Sunlight being readily available at this point in a character's training career this problem of the Canals is more minimized than it once was.

In any case the Canals require an Intelligence of 441, 490, or 539 depending on your race to enter.

The food dropped is BBQ Rat Toes by the Terror Rat, which can also be bought in the Vast Desert by the Travelling Merchant. So there is honestly not much reason to be here if you can avoid it.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Terror Rat Earth 5% 3 3 BBQ Rat Toes 1,550,000 8,500
Alligator Earth 10% 2 None 1,500,000 9,600
Canal Urchin None 10% 2 None 1,450,000 10,400
Canal Creature Water 30% 2 None 1,450,000 10,400
Earth Elemental Earth *see note below 20% 3 None 1,350,000 9,900

*The Earth Elemental is 150% effective against those characters who are Water aligned and 50% effective against Air aligned creatures. So the Max Hit vs Water aligned would be approximately 10,800 points of life and against Air aligned it would be approximately 9,000.

Picture map will come soon.

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