This area is the next area after the Druid Valley. There are 4 types of monsters, one on each floor.
This area also is the first in Shilla where you must fight and defeat the monster to move. In this area you can get the Brothers of the Light quest, find a complete set of Silver Armor, Guard Sword, and a Blue Amulet.


First floor is entirely Rookie Guards. 2nd floor is entirely Castle Guards. 3rd floor is entirely Elite Guards. 4th and final floor is entirely Drakmor Dragons.


The Crypt
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Training(AA will need to write this)

Rookies to Castles are not a big gap. However, Castles to Elites have the worst gap differential of anything in Shilla, so far. The numbers were taken from old Shilla and in old Shilla, you got a better weapon at this point. Here, you do not. Just be persistent and you'll break free. After Elites you don't need much to get to Drakomor Dragons. No idea how far you need to train to get into the Lake in the Mountains.

Things to help you out:

  • Get teleport spell to level 3, 150 wis. This was mentioned already in the Cemetery, but this cuts down the travel back and forth between Shillatown and here.
  • Get Chr to 200. This is considered the "break even point". Food will sell for the same amount that you buy it for. Bear steaks are 72 gold. You will be buying a ton of bear steaks. Which leads to the next part.
  • Pick up everything because you can sell it. Any silver armor piece is 100 gold. Cooked meat is 39 gold. Guard sword is 350 gold. Blue amulet is 50 gold. You need the money to fund your bear steak collection and if you haven't already, picked up your Lightening Rings.
  • Note that actually, you save more money buy eating Cooked Meat. They heal for 90 so if you eat 2, you get 180 points of restoration. If you sold 2, you'd make 78 gold. Buying 1 bear steak at min cost is 72 gold for 144 points of restoration. But buying bear steaks means less clicking of the food button, and that may be enough just to spend the little extra gold on.
  • On Castle Guards you may find yourself not 1-rounding an Elite yet but easily killing Guards with your fists. I recommend this. You save fatigue by doing this which prolongs healing, and makes the best value for your fat.
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