Castle Quest/Rescuing the King

Castle Quest/Rescue the King

The Castle Quest is a quest that you need to complete in order to fight the Park Ranger for access to the Mountain. It is also considered the first major quest you can do in Shilla.

Getting the Quest

The quest is received from the Mayor in Shillatown. You must have completed the Cleaning the Beach. An Intelligence of 90, 100 or 110, depending on race, is also required to enter Drakmor Castle

Completing the Quest

In order to beat this you need about 750 life, and a lot of food. There are 4 groups of monsters you need to face in order from weakest to strongest.


Once you get through all 4 floors you can rescue the King by clicking on the king link. The reward is 60 Million Experience, and 10 Quest points.

Related Quests

If you managed to pick up a Blue Amulet from the Elite Guard, you can do the Fetch Quest for the Jewelry Shop Owner. Bringing him an Amulet gets you 30 million Experience, 10 Quest Points, and 10,000 Gold.

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