Cemetery and Crypt

Cemetery and Crypt

The Cemetery and Crypt areas are usually trained in after Vast Valley and before moving on to the Druid Valley. Skipping this area and moving on to the Druid Valley is probably a good idea, since the addition of Rooted Evil.

Rooted Evil is a random spawning monster in the area that has stats similar to a Elite Guard in the Drakmor Castle. While once the "Terror of the Cemetery" he has been restricted to only one location.

Getting In and Getting There

The Cemetery and Crypt area has the same Intelligence requirement as the Druid Valley. A character will need 72, 80, or 88 Intelligence to enter. The area has three teleport locations, two for the Cemetery and one for the Crypt. A character can also enter the Cemetery by travelling through the Druid Valley and heading north.

What Can be Found There

Four areas and one village has its entrances in the Cemetery/Crypt. The three areas are Druid Valley in the south, Drakmor Castle in the East, and the Catacombs in the southern part of the Crypt. In the western corner you will find the entrance to the Necropolis.

There's a Group Kill creature called Blighted Crystal Ooze that dwells in the eastern corner of the Crypt.

The Creatures

The Cemetery and Crypt is a dismal area filled with nasty creatures, four of which can instantly kill new adventurer. These formidable opponents are the Emerald Golem, Green Slime, Grave Robber Spectre. Because of these three creatures many don't train in the Crypt area, whose only difference is the Nightstalker. Other creatures can be found in the Cemetery/Crypt as well. They are Zombie, Skeleton Warrior, Blob, and the Old Witch. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons. As mentioned above the once feared Rooted Evil has been banished to a single spot in the Cemetery section section of this area.

Nightstalkers are only found in the Crypt area, while the Emerald Golem and Green Slime are only found on their marked locations.

Quests Involved with this Area

The Cemetery is the location of a Village Armor Quest activation spot.(Currently not in game)
The Random Cookie Monster Quest can be activated in the one spot designated on the map below.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location Class
Zombie None 4%/0% 1 Zombie Punch 2,075 195 Cemetery/Crypt Undead
Old Witch Fire 4%/0% 1 None 2,250 215 Cemetery/Crypt Unknown
Skeleton Warrior None 4%/4% 1 None 2,200 225 Cemetery/Crypt Undead
Blob None 8%/5% 1 None 2,050 240 Cemetery/Crypt Shapless
Nightstalker None 8%/5% 1 None 2,100 265 Crypt only Other
Rooted Evil ? ? 3 Rootscale Equipment 8,000 ~575 Cemetery/Crypt Other
Grave Robber Spectre ? ? 2 Spectral Wool Equipment 7,380 ~620 See Map Other
Emerald Golem None 10%/40% 2 Green Emerald 47,500 750 See Map Unknown
Green Slime None 40%/10% 1 Green Pixie Dust 47,500 750 See Map Unknown
Blighted Crystal Ooze None 60%/60% 2 Village Armors, Azure Diamond, White Pixie Dust 122,000,000 400 Crypt's eastern corner Unknown


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