The Clouds(Sky Citadel in Shilla gameplay) is an area of Shilla that most people train in after the upper sections of the Volcano and/or the Canals depending on your alignment. After conquering the Clouds characters move to the Vast Desert for training.

Getting There, Getting In, and Not Falling to Your Death

The Clouds require an Intelligence of 486, 540, or 594 depending on your race to enter. You also need to be able to fly, whether by race(Avian or Pixie), having at least one Pegasus Wing in your food inventory, by equipping a Phylactery of Flight, or equipping the Master Bracelet. The only teleport location doesn't appear until after you defeat the Air Guardian. Until then follow the directions to the Sky Castle, then go east or west instead of entering the Sky Castle.


Three creatures call the Clouds home. They are the Hippogriff, Valkyrie and Pegasus. The Hippogriff drops Red Ruby Leggings and the Valkyrie occasionally drops an Iron Baton.


The Clouds also is the home of the Air Guardian, mentioned above. To get to the Air Guardian you need to clear 4 spots free of monsters, by killing or running away, and light the torches that then appear. After that the hidden path is revealed to the Air Guardian's location at the center of the Clouds.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Pegasus Air 15% 4 Iron Baton 1,900,000 9,600
Hippogriff Air 15% 4 Red Ruby Leggings 1,950,000 10,600
Valkyrie Air 10% 2 None 2,025,000 11,100
Air Guardian Air High 2 None Varies Varies


Map coming soon…

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