Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster is a limited time event in Shilla.

The Cookie Monster appears in these areas: Beach, Sewers, Crypt, Lake Gala, Dungeon, Draconian Lair, Glacier, Baleful Swamp, Rough Island, Dino Valley and New Shilla Town

The Cookie Monster wants food. He will ask for "x" amount of "y" food. List of foods and their locations can be found here.

The rewards given will be a choice of experience or gold, a random gem or misc item and also 10% experience and 10% gold bonus for 30 minutes.

Higher the area, higher value the items may possibly be.

Location Foods Wanted Amount Rewards Seen
Beach Dwarven Meat Amarena Cherry, Dehydrated Druid 11, 14 50 Gold or 2,350 Exp Green Emerald, Green Pixie Dust, Green Trunk
Sewers Ogre Pound Cake, Hydraflanks 11, 12 165 Gold or 13,750 Exp, Green Emerald, Green Pixie Dust, Green Trunk
Crypt Ship's Biscuits, Troll Nog, Magic Water 14, 16, 19 765 Gold or 106,250 Exp, White Pixie Dust, Green Crystal
Lake Gala Elven Wheybread 10, 11, 17 10,890 Gold or 354k Exp, Azure Diamond, Comet
Goblin Cave Troll Nog, Sparkling Silver, Magic Water 18 810 Gold or 112k Exp, White Pixie Dust, Green Crystal, Azure Diamond
Dungeon Raw Meat, Halfling Tea, Werewolf Claw 12, 23 7K Gold or 2.5M Exp, Red Ruby, Comet, Blighted Crystal
Draconian Lair Halfling Stew, Red Hot Chili Peppers 11 13k Gold or 8.6M Exp, Fire Crackers, Red Trunk
Glacier Necter, Atlantean Treats, Ambrosia, Dark Chocolate, Mammoth Steak, Iron Rations 14, 19, 24 193K Gold or 359M Exp, Black Obsidian, Smoke Bomb
Baleful Swamp Yellow Snow Cone, Spicy Chili, Fresh Flesh, Ancient Spirit Herb, Marsh Mellows, Mulled Wine 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 23 495K Gold or 1.5B Exp, Smoke Bomb, Black Crystal, Aqua Sapphire
Rough Shores Passion Fruit, Spider Legs, Giant Turtle Egg, Flotsom 10, 13, 15, 18, 20, 21, 24 1.5M Gold, 7B Exp, Aqua Pixie Dust, Aqua Sapphire
Dino Valley Dino Boxer Shorts, Dino Tail, Dino Boxer Shorts, Half an Ox, Dino Claws Polish 13, 15, 20, 21, 22 5.5m Gold or 41.8B Exp, Red Plank, Black Plank, Dark Trinket
New Shilla Moonshine Energizer 11 golf or exp, XXXX
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