Daggermaster is a Thief Guild specialty class that specializes in the practice of using the Dagger weapons. As with any Weapon Specialty Guild, completing the quests increases the bonuses for that weapon group, but decreases it for all other weapon groups.

Their location is in Halfling Shire, from the 6-way, go Northeast, Northeast, Northeast, West. Below is the list of their quests that you can do in the guild, related to your rank in the main Thief's guild.

Note this isn't fully updated yet for new Shilla, eventually all will be fixed, until then, is simply a placeholder for actual quests themselves.

Quest Number Requirements to Complete Weapon Bonus
#1 Obtain a Knife weapon None
#2 Kill 300 Drakmor Dragon's in the Castle +2% to Critical Hit
#3 Kill 400 Dumb Ogre's in the Ogre Cave +2% to Critical Hit
#4 Kill 500 Wyvern's in the Deep Dark Forest/Pit +2% to Critical Hit
#5 Kill 750 White Dragon's in the Druid Keep +4% to Accuracy
#6 Kill 1000 Seraph Angel's in the Sky Castle +4% to Accuracy
#7 Kill 1250 Fire Drake's in the Upper/Lower Volcano +4% to Accuracy
#8 Kill 1500 Skeleton Raiders in the Vast Desert +4% to Accuracy
#9 Kill 2000 Centaur's in the Pyramid None
#10 Kill 100 Mimic's (not updated yet) None

Total Increases: Accuracy +16%, Critical Hits +6%

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