Dark Forest

Most people do not train in the Dark Forest due to the simple fact that Elves reside here and therefore skip this area for the Deep Dark Forest. It's a well known fact that the more Elves you kill the harder it becomes to safely enter the Elven Village without being attacked.

If you have the Woodcutting skill, you can cut down trees in 3 locations indicated on the map below. This is a newer development in Shilla.

The Dark Forest requires an Intelligence of 171, 190, or 209 depending on your race to enter. This area is located south of the Druid Valley area. It has one teleport location at its entrance.

The Dark Forest is an area that is home to four creatures: the Troll, the Elf, the Vampire Bat, and the rare but deadly White Slime. The White Slime only shows in the bottom 3 spaces of the Dark Forest and is another reason not to train in this area.

If one were to train in the Dark Forest, despite the reasons above, then the best weapon group would be the spear. Daggers and maces are at a disadvantage here, and the sword and axe group are neutral. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons.

Bruno's food shop is located in the Dark Forest and he is the location of the final Fetch Quest (currently not in the game) in which you create and obtain Burritos.

Trolls drop Troll Nogg and the White Slime drops the White Pixie Dust which is used in various forge combos. A dangerous battle if one is not prepared.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Vampire Bat Air 0%/5% 1 None 40,000 1,250 Air Creature
Troll Earth 0%/15% 1 Troll Nogg 42,500 1,500 Beast
Elf None 0%/20% 1 None 45,000 1,850 Humanoid
White Slime None 50%/20% 1 White Pixie Dust 450,000 2,900 Unknown
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