Dead Knight

The Dead Knight is a nightmare that resides in the Crypt. This creature is one of the hardest that new adventurer's face in the early stages of Shilla.

The Dead Knight can hit for up to 765 points of damage with it's two attacks and is not aligned with any of the elemental spheres.

This creature has 50,000 points of life and will absorb 20% of the physical damage, 10% of the magical damage. While the Dead Knight does drop a much needed piece of armor, it is found too early in the game for a character to obtain scrolls to kill it with. By the time a character has reached a level to obtain a scroll, killing the Dead Knight is no longer an issue.

The Dead Knight drops the Emerald Fire Shield 27.5% of the time and killing it will earn the character approximately 225,000 points of experience and 210 pieces of gold.

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