Death Of Shilla

September 4th, 2009.

Today would be the 1 year anniversary of the day Shilla died. I still miss the game, as does a small community that it had left behind.

Since that time, we've had people pay their respects on the message boards, and there is a mix of old time veterans and the current generation of players that had posted their feelings. Shilla lasted almost (or maybe?) a decade, and in the age of the internet, that is a very long time.

When Shilla died it took about 3 weeks before you knew it wasn't coming back.

Melkor, the other admin(also known as Lumberjak, the player) then took things under his own control and his ideas from the aforementioned project, minus the Shilla name(believed to be trademarked by Hestas) and was working on possibly making a new game. He had set a rough timetable for July 1st as a possible day to set it up on a server. He was providing monthly updates on our forums up to that point, until he stopped as well.

People on our forums were posting some links for games that might fit a Shilla like system and a few people have stopped at a game called the King of Kings Dynasty. It's a relatively new game that is pretty simple, and people are seeming to like it. Alyssa(the other admin who helped run this wiki helpsite) as created a helpsite for that and I'd say that he's got a good idea going there.

Below is the timeline of which Shilla turned into a game who's server went down, to a game that sadly, no longer exists. It's the same screen people have seen all year, minus the new game links I put in a few days ago.


Hard to believe its been a year already. Many of us had hopes of a new Shilla and many of us have moved on to other things. This site will remain as a place for Shilla players to reunite, and you never know when Melk may reappear.


Oct 2nd: Made a Shilla Guestbook for people. It is open for anyone to post. If you don't have an account with then you will appear Anonymous, so remember to add your name.

Shilla's final days, in a timeline.

Sept 4th: Shilla goes down.

Sept 5th: AA gets in contact with Melkor. Melk says he's in touch with Hestas, but they both have been working too much to determine the real problem. Figures within a week they'll have more answers.

Sept 10th: Talked to VooDoo about the problems. Mentioned that the data was lost, which looking back on it, probably was due to the server, which was performing less and less stable at the time. Mentioned it would probably take a month to recode, and possibly look for a new server.

Sept 17th: MSN chat with AA, Melk, and others revealed that Hestas hadn't mentioned any more detail about what the server, the game, or anything of the sort.

Sept 28th: Assumed that Shilla is dead, and start making preparations on the site for people to put their thoughts towards the game in some fashion.

Sept 29th: Talked to Melkor. He mentioned that Shilla more or less is dead, as the time to rebuild what was lost would be better spent towards getting the newer version of Shilla up in some sort of developmental state, The Victorian Age. More information on that will be given around Thanksgiving, when he has had time to spend towards coding.

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