Reapers, Death Reapers and Quest

The Death Reaper is the last Reaper at the end of the Reaper's Walkway after accepting the quest to kill him from the Town Guard above the Sewers manhole cover. Once banished the Death Reaper doesn't return, which makes obtaining information about him difficult. It is widely believed the Death Reaper has the same stats as a Reaper, with a slightly higher average hit.

So for reference here are the stats for a NORMAL Reaper found on the Reaper's Walkway.

A normal Reaper can cause up to 4,550 points of damage with it's one attack and is aligned with the sphere of Earth.

A normal Reaper has 250,000 points of life and can absorb 15% of physical and magical attacks. No information on resistance to scroll damage. I would expect that the Death Reaper would have a higher armor rating.

Normal Reapers and the Death Reaper don't drop anything, but killing one earns the character approximately 1,675,000 points of experience and 645 pieces of gold. Whether the Death Reaper give more experience and gold is unknown.

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