Deep Dark Forest/Pit

Ahh… the Deep Dark Forest and the Pit. The area can be entered from the Dark Forest. While walking half way across the world of Shilla is possible to get to the DDF, it's best to use the teleport location. The Deep Dark Forest is the area that usually follows the Ogre Cave for training purposes. You quickly move on to the Pit after that. There are a few people who then move on to the Maze, but most just go straight to the Dungeon. Everyone goes to the Dungeon after the Pit.

An alternative to training in the Pit is to farm Hydraplate from the Hydra at the top of the Mountain area. The experience is less, but the gold obtained from selling dropped armor is tremendously more.

The Deep Dark Forest/Pit requires an Intelligence of 198, 220, or 242 depending on your race to enter.

In the Deep Dark Forest section of this area you will find the following creatures: Griffen, Harpy, Deer, Imp, Archer, and the deadly Azure Golem. In the Pit section you will face, other than Quetzalcoati, Gorgon, Serpentfly, Wyvern, and Basilisk.

The Ranged group of weapons have a distinct advantage in the DDF with three of the five creatures being air, and a small buff vs animals. Neutral in this area are the spear and mace groups, while the sword, dagger, and axe are at a disadvantage. When you descend into the Pit the sword group has the best advantage, followed by range and spear groups. The axes are neutral, while the mace group has a small disadvantage. Click Here for the table of Creature Class vs Weapons.

Azure Golem is the Azure Diamond dropper and dwells in the 3 southernmost spots of the Deep Dark Forest.

A lot of gameplay occurs in this area. Many guild and specialty quest have parts that require you to return to Deep Dark Forest or the Pit. On top of that it is the entry area for the Elven Village/Yggdrasil and there are many reasons you visit there.

At the southern end of the Deep Dark Forest you can find the entrance to the Baleful Swamp.

At the bottom of the Pit, there is an entrance to the Hexagon, which only Mages can enter from.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Class
Griffen Air 10%/20% 1 None 53,000 1,500 Air Creature
Harpy Air 10%/20% 1 None 55,000 1,600 Air Creature
Deer Earth 5%/0% 4 None 57,000 1,800 Animal
Imp Fire 15%/25% 1 2 Sparkling Silver 60,000 1,950 Air Creature
Archer None 10%/0% 2 2 Sparkling Silver 63,000 1,900 Humanoid
Azure Golem None 20%/50% 2 Azure Diamond 450,000 2,900 Unknown
Gorgon Earth 10%/20% 4 Magic Water 80,000 2,000 Mythic
Serpentfly Air 15%/25% 1 None 83,000 2,175 Air Creature
Wyvern Fire 15%/25% 1 None 86,000 2,100 Mythic
Basilisk Earth 15%/30% 1 None 90,000 2,500 Beast
Quetzalcoati Air 30%/30% 2 Serpentscale Equipment Tunic, Escutcheon, Pants 350,000 4,450 Beast
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