Demon Crab and Quest

At 1000 Wall Score, +/- depending on race, you can get the the quest to retrieve a little boy's shovel in Lake Gala by walking around in the area. Your opponent becomes the Demon Crab. This creature is relatively new to the world of Shilla and disappears after being defeated, making research on it difficult. Once you have activated the quest the Demon Crab can be found throughout the Beach. What is known is this.

The Demon Crab hits for up to approximately 250 points of damage with its one attack. It is unknown if this creature is aligned to any of the elemental spheres.

The Demon Crab has about 90,000 points of life and killing it will earn the character approximately 400,000 points of experience and 750 pieces of gold. It will always drop the Shovel, which is picked up by clicking on it's link. Returning to the Lake Gala entrance will trigger the "returning of the shovel" where the grandfather of the boy will give you 250,000 gold.

By the time you can kill enough creatures in Lake Gala for this quest to be activated, approximately ten creatures, the Demon Crab isn't much of an opponent. Especially considering that the Demon Crab has hits for approximately 250, while the easiest Lake Gala creature, the Dogfish Child, has a max closer to 900.

If you are reading this and haven't attacked the Demon Crab yet, please pass the following on to either Alyssa Aarilax, Bp or Annwynn.

Cut and past each and every "You Attacked the Demon Crab." text to Notepad, Word, or some typing like program. Add to that the following information.

  • Your Str and Con score
  • Your weapon used to kill the Demon Crab
  • Your Alignment
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