Dexterity is one of the 6 base stats in Shilla. It determines the number of attacks you use per round of combat. You automatically start with 0, and get the 1st at 10 Dex. Every 20 Dex after that, you receive another attack.

Use this formula to determine how many attacks you will get at any Dexterity.

Your Dexterity + 10 then divide by 20 = Number of Attacks

If you end up with with a number that looks like 106.5 you would have 106 attacks and are 10 Dexterity away from 107.

Dexterity adds to your Life and Fatigue values. It is also required to equip the Ranged and Dagger weapon groups.

Finally, it's part of the formula that determines damage in a Fire Scroll and Ice Scroll.

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