Dice Game

The Dice Game is a gambling like game in the Orc Outpost. It's a game of double or nothing with gold.

You place down a wager of whatever gold you feel like wagering. Then you roll the dice.

If you roll a 10 or 13 on the first roll, you automatically win. Then you double your money. If you roll a 3, 4, 17 or 18, you automatically lose. And you lose your money.

If you don't roll any of the above numbers, you have to re-roll the dice to match the number you rolled the 1st time to win. So if you rolled a 12, you must roll a 12 again to win. If you roll the above 6 numbers(10 and 13 included now), you lose.

It's a game of luck, and some people have won massive amounts of gold, and some have lost a lot of gold.

The most you can bet is 2.1 billion gold per roll.

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