Dino Land

Dino Land is a very vast area that goes after the Jungle. You will find sub areas, new armor sets, and lots of monsters.

This area is a work in progress as even the top players have difficulty in this area.

The starting area of Dino Land is Dino valley, followed by Old Forest, and then Sierra Nirvana. These areas have both food drops and armor drops listed on each area's page and on the Dino Scale Armor page as well, but here is a quick list of the armor droppers at least:

Dilong in Dino Valley drops Dino Scale Boots.
Europasaurus in Dino Valley drops Dino Scale Helmet.
Horned One in Old Forest drops Dino Scale Shield
Brachiosaurus in Old Forest drops Dino Scale Neckband
Stegosaurus in Sierra Nirvana drops Dino Scale Leggings
Utahraptor in Sierra Nirvana drops Dino Scale Mail
Carcharodontosaurus in Sierra Nirvana drops Dino Scale Gauntlets

The map is vast and quite honestly, not worth the time to properly map. So directions will be listed below to the important areas.

D,D,S,S,S,SW,SW,SW,D,NE,NE,NE,NE,N,N,N,N <—- pretty straightforward directions from entrance.

From here:
Go E, NE to end of path for good training spot for only the Europasaurus mob.

SE,E until you reach a fork in the road with N and NE directions.

N Fork:
Going North from here takes you to an area where you will go up, and be North at another path in the road.
From there, going North will take you to Old Forest. West is a loop back to where you came from, and East is a dead end.

NE fork:
Elite section of (Ibermisornis, Dilong, Aquilops) Following the section past the Elites, you see a fork in the road
going N and NE. North is a dead end with Dilongs, otherwise keep going NE. Here is the Veteran section of the
previous set of monsters mentioned. Eventually after this path, you see a fork going N and E.
East takes yoy to the leader section of mobs with areas not fully explored. North is more Veteran mobs. Next is a fork going N and NE again.

N Fork: Going NW direction is more leaders with a dead end.
NE Fork: Follow path, branches off into NE and E. NE is Grandmaster mobs and areas not fully explored yet. E is a dead end.

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