Draconian Lair

Draconian Lair, a place where Draconians of Shilla make their residence. From the Lower Volcano teleport go Up once and the entrance will be to the East.

They are generally a brutal race1, who can hit very hard and kill many people. In order to make it safely, you need to basically have at least 4,000-4,500 Life depending on your race/armor since the Drunken Draconian will attack you randomly with a max hit of 4,000.
In the Draconian Lair, you have the standard places of interest, Bank, Courier, Food Shop, Armor Shop, and a Weapon Shop.

There is a Spell Shop that you can buy Armageddon scroll from. There is a Draconian Forge which everyone will need to visit to make their strongest weapons possible.

There is a 1-way trip to the fighter Specialty Guild; Swordhandler in Elven Village.



V — West to Volcano
C — Courier Corp
F — Food Shop - Sells Draconian Food
A — Armor Shop
S — Spell Shop - Teaches Armageddon
W — Weapon Shop
G — Gem Shop
B — Bank
1 — 1-way trip to Sword Specialty Guild in Elven Village
2 — 1-way trip to Spear Specialty Guild in Elven Village
3 — Draconian Forge
(New) The Weapon Shop is 3 East, 2 Southwest, 2 West, and 1 South from village entrance

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