Draconian Lair

Draconian Lair, a place where Draconians of Shilla make their residence. From the Lower Volcano teleport go Up once and the entrance will be to the East. They are generally a brutal race, who can hit very hard and kill many people. In order to make it safely, you need to basically:

  1. Not have any Ice equipment on or with you
  2. Not have any Red Armor, Gems, Dust, or Food

In the Draconian Lair, you have the standard places of interest, Bank, Courier, Food Shop, and a Armor Shop.

There is a Spell Training Hut that you can learn Fireball from, though its not really worth it. There is a Draconian Forge which everyone will need to visit to make their strongest weapon possible.

There are 2 Specialty Guilds for Fighters, the Staffmaster's Guild, and the Swordhandler's Guild.



V — West to Volcano
C — Courier Corp
F — Food Shop - Sells Draconian Food
A — Armor Shop
S — Spell Shop - Teaches Fireball
W — Weapon Shop
G — Gem Shop
B — Bank
1 — Sword Specialy Guild location
2 — Staff Specialty Guild location
3 — Draconian Forge

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