Drakmor Castle

Drakmor Castle, commonly called simply "The Castle", is the area where many different things begin and end. It is in this area where a major increase in the toughness of creatures occurs due to a character weapon upgrade.

This area usually follows the Druid Valley and comes before either Lake Gala or the Mountain for character training.

Drakmor Castle requires an Intelligence of 90, 100, or 110 depending on your race to enter. Walking to Drakmor Castle requires going north through the Outskirts, west through the Druid Valley, north, east, down, east, south, and then east through the Cemetery areas. Luckily you will only have to do this once until you reach it, at this point you'll be able to teleport instantly to the castle and its upper floors.

Drakmor Castle is home of King Drakmor and completing a complete tour of this area is required to complete the Freeing the King quest.

Once completing the Rescue the King quest the character's "Newbie" period ends and being a true player of Shilla begins. Though being an idiot may continue for many people for the rest of their lives.

Drakmor Castle is also home of the Silver Chain armors and a tier of all 6 types of weapons, as you will find all the pieces dropped by the creatures who reside there. They are the Rookie Guard, Castle Guard, Elite Guard, and Drakmor Dragon.

Quick Look

Name Align Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Rookie Guard None 5%/0% 1 Silver Plated Equipment; Neckband, Gauntlets, Moat Dagger, Portcullis Spear, Cooked Meat 5,500 525 Ground Floor
Castle Guard None 5%/0% 2 Silver Plated Equipment; Boots, Helm, Shield, Tower Axe, Battlement Mace, Cooked Meat 7,333 576 First Floor
Elite Guard None 10%/0% 1 Blue Amulet, Silver Plated Equipment; Leggings, Cuirasse, Guard Sword, Keep Bow, Cooked Meat 14,000 625 Second Floor
Drakmor Dragon Air 15%/5% 1 None 18,000 715 Top Floor


Blue Dot — Castle Entrance Teleport location and East to Cemetery/Crypt

Red Dot — Up to next level

Green Dot — Down to previous level and the various Castle Floor Teleport locations

Yellow Dot — King Drakmor

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