Druid Keep

The Druid Keep is an area of Shilla where things of major importance happen. This is where the Master Druid is held, and even after you finish this quest the monsters that were supposedly there to prevent the Druid from escaping are there to get beat down over and over on your way to much better things in life.

The Druid Keep requires an Intelligence of 297, 330, or 363 depending on your race to enter and can be reached by going east, then south, from the Druid Valley "Cemetery - Crossroads" teleport location. Once you have visited the teleport locations in the area, you will be able to use teleport to those spots from now on. With a proper teleport level, and after you've been there, you can teleport directly to *Druid Keep Entrance* likewise once you reach the teleport level requirements *Druid Keep Level 4* also appears.

Like Drakmor Castle killing the current creature you are facing is required prior to movement being allowed.

People train here after going through the Dungeon and leave to go on to the Sky Castle after that. There's an alternative area to train besides the Keep, Sand Mansion, but players usually don't train there because the Exp gained is relatively lower than in the Keep.

There are 4 sets of creatures, one for each level of the Keep. 1st level is Keep Druid, 2nd level is the Minotaur, 3rd level is the White Dragon and the top level is the Black Dragon.

At the 1st level, you can occasionally come across a hidden hallway. That is where the Enchanted Stone quest is activated. (currently not in the game)

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location Class
Keep Druid Earth 5%/5% 1 None 260,000 4,250 Level 1 Humanoid
Minotaur Earth 10%/10% 1 None 270,000 4,375 Level 2 Humanoid
White Dragon Air 20%/20% 3 Dragon Ribs 280,000 4,425 Level 3 Mythic
Black Dragon Air 25%/20% 3 None 425,000 4,950 Top Level Mythic
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