Druid Valley

Druid Valley is the training area that follows the Cemetery/Crypt and right before a character storms Drakmor Castle. It is home of the wonderful training creature, the Kreen with its four attacks, good experience, and drop of three Dehydrated Druids. Another creature of note is the Unicorn, one of the Pearl Armor droppers, located on the southern arm of Druid Valley right before you enter the Druid Keep.

The Druid Valley requires an Intelligence of 72, 80, or 88 depending on your race to enter. You can find the Druid Valley by walking though the Outskirts and then going west. The quickest way is to you the Vast Valley entrance teleport location and go west two times.

Entrances to five different areas can be found in the Druid Valley. In the west you will find the entrance to the Druid Temple, to the east is the Outskirts, and to the south is Druid Keep. At the Druid Crossroad Teleport location you will find the entrances to the Cemetery/Crypt to the north and the Dark Forest to the south.

Four creatures call the Druid Valley home. They are the Druid, Avarial, Kreen, and Unicorn.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit
Druid None 5%/10% 1 None 2,500 305
Avarial Air 5%/0% 3 2 Dehydrated Druids 3,000 351
Kreen None 0%/0% 4 3 Dehydrated Druids 3,500 412
Unicorn Earth 30%/30% 4 Unicorn Mane Velveteen Equipment Cloak, Sleeves, Leggings, Sandals 350,000 4,200


Blue Dots — Druids and Kreens only

Cyan Dots — Druidsand Avarials only

Green Dots — Druids only

Green Square — East to Outskirts

Red Square — South to Druid Keep and Unicorn location

Blue Square — North to Cemetery/Crypt, South to Dark Forest, and Druid Crossroads Teleport location

Yellow Square — West to Druid Temple

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