The Dungeon is the training area for characters after the Deep Dark Forest/Pit or the Maze and before moving on to the Reaper's Walkway and/or the Druid Keep. It has excellent available food, Swill and the Executioners are good to training fodder. It is also where one of the Pearl armor pieces can be found.

There is also an entrance to the Dungeon of the Lost Souls. It is located in the East cell of the middle row 4th from the top.

There are various Mage's specialty guilds quests to do in the Dungeon. Characters will pass through the Dungeon on their way to the Reaper's Walkway to complete the Death Reaper quest and one of the Ranger specialty guild quests.

The Dungeon requires an Intelligence of 261, 290, or 319 depending on your race to enter. The Dungeon has a teleport location at its entrance or can be reached through a short walk through the Sewers.

The following creatures call the Dungeon home. They are the Dungeon Guard, Dungeon Master, Executioner, Dungeon Monster, Cutthroat, Tortured Criminal, and a Group Kill monster called Blood Crystal Ooze.

Quick Look

Name Alignment Armor/Resist Attacks Drop Life Max Hit Location
Dungeon Guard Fire 15%/5% 1 Jail Bait 175,000 2,250 Passages
Dungeon Master Fire 15%/5% 1 None 180,000 2,525 Passages
Executioner Fire 10%/10% 2 Swill 190,000 3,000 Passages
Dungeon Monster Earth 10%/5% 1 None 210,000 2,750 Cells
Cutthroat Fire 5%/0% 1 None 215,000 3,000 Cells
Tortured Criminal None 5%/0% 1 None 225,000 4,800 Cells
Imprisoned Unicorn ? ? 1 Unicorn Mane Velveteen Equipment Cap, Ward, Scarf ~550,000 5,500 Cells
Blood Crystal Ooze None 65%/65% 2 Red Ruby, Red Pixie Dust, Maji Ward, Nightmist Ring 577,500,000 900 Eastern Cell


Red Dot — Northwest to Sewers and Dungeon Entrance Teleport location

Blue Dot — East to Reaper's Walkway

Green Dots — Dungeon Hallways (Dungeon Guards, Dungeon Masters, Executioners only)

Yellow Dots — Dungeon Cells (Dungeon Monsters, Cutthroats, Tortured Criminals, or Blood Crystal Ooze only)

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