Dwarven Fetch Quest

The Dwarven Fetch Quests are a bunch of mini quests that you can do for the Dwarven Food Shop owner, and the Dwarven Amulet Shop owner. There is some sort of Wall Score restriction on the amulet quests for sure, and possibly may be on the food as well.

Food Quests

25 Swill

For this quest, the shop owner asks for 25 Swill. You can get those from the Executioner in the Dungeon. For completing this quest, you receive 750k gold and 5 Quest Points.

49 Nectar

This one is simply, going to the Glacier, and buying 49 Nectar. Bringing it back nets you 15 Quest Points.

81 Mulled Wine

This one only can be completed after defeating the Spirit Guardian, but can be activated before finishing that quest. If you bring back the 81 Mulled Wine prior to being Spirit aligned, Fartana will simply not recognize them. The Mulled Wine is dropped by the Female Giant in the Ice Palace. Bring those back will get you 200 to each stat, which equals 1200 Wall Score.

Amulet Quests

Each quest gives 5 Quest Points. Additional info is provided below.

Ice Bracelet

You need to get an Ice Bracelet from Loki in the Glacier. Returning this gets you 100 Str and 100 Wis.

Ice Ring

You need to get an Ice Ring from Balder in Glacier, or get the 17500 Wall Score needed to have one sent to you via the Trinket Exchange. Returning one gets you 100 Con and 100 Chr.

Ice Amulet

You need to get an Ice Amulet from Thor in Glacier, or get the 17500 Wall score mentioned earlier. Returning this gets you 200 Dex and 200 Int.

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