Dwarven Stronghold

The Dwarven Stronghold is the home of the Dwarves of Shilla. From the Mountain Entrance teleport defeat the Park Ranger, go East twice, up one and the entrance is to the east. They are a greedy bunch, and they hate magicians. So to make that sentence more understandable, and for you to enter and not get attacked:

  1. Have the least amount of spell levels possible and/or
  2. Have as much gold as possible, it can be in the bank

The amount of gold needed in example 2 is related to how many spells you have in example 1. But it's generally known that at least 1.5 million gold is needed to enter the village. Generally later in the game, you'll have more money and be generally be safe, but for beginners, you want to keep the spells down to near nothing.

NOTE Invisibility
Character based Invisibility does not hide you from the Guards.
Equipment based Invisibility has not been fully tested yet.

What you'll find in here is generally the same as most other villages. Bank, Courier, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, and a Food Shop.

There is a mining field east of the Stronghold, which is where you'll be be Mining, for items needed in a Fighter Guild quest, and items for a Black Trunk, and Jewelry Box forge combos.

The Gem Shop buys whatever gems you find there, like the one in Shillatown.

Also, there is an Inn to sleep in for a cost, and a tavern in which you can get into bar fights.(currently not in the game)

Finally, there is a shop west of the Armor Shop that you can sell spare Mythril to, in specific groups of class, race, gender, and type.(currently not in the game)
And a shop one more west of there lets you customize Mythril pieces. (currently not in the game)



Red Dot - West to Mountain
Green Dots - Up/Down to Dwarven Mines
F - Food Shop - Sells Various Dwarven Food
2 - Dwarven Forge
1 - Armor Shop
C - Courier Corp
S - Skill Shop - Teaches Mining
A - Amulet Shop
W - Weapon Shop
G - Gem Shop
B - Bank
N - Place to Sleep, similar to a Hotel
T - Tavern, hear drunk Dwarves and/or get in bar fights
M - Mythril Shop, can sell only Mythril here



Note: This is a Side View of the Dwarven Mines. Up/Down are shown as North/South and North/South are Left/Right.

M - Go West two spots for 1-way trip to Mountain Top
O - Go West two spots for 1-way trip to Ogre Cave
D - West to Dwarven Stronghold
D - Best spot to mine for Black and White Pearls
P - Best spot to mine for Gold Pixie Dust

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