Dwarven Stronghold

The Dwarven Stronghold is the home of the Dwarves of Shilla. From the Mountain Entrance teleport defeat the Park Ranger, go East twice, up one and the entrance is to the east. They are a greedy bunch, and they hate magicians. So to make that sentence more understandable, and for you to enter and not get attacked:

  1. Have the least amount of spell levels possible and/or
  2. Have as much gold as possible, it can be in the bank

The amount of gold needed to successfully enter the Stronghold is a base amount of 1.5m gold +1,000 x your spell levels found in the Score menu. Even if you drop below this amount of gold the Dwarves will just ignore you until you try and reenter.

NOTE Invisibility
Character based Invisibility does not hide you from the Guards.
Equipment based Invisibility has not been fully tested yet.

What you'll find in here is generally the same as most other villages. Bank, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, and a Food Shop.

The Cannon Shop is located in the Weapon Shop.

You can activate the Bored Guard quest here as well.

There is a mining field east of the Stronghold, which is where you'll be using the Mining skill. You can mine for a variety sizes in pearls and gold nugget, as well as Stone and Iron. The locations for largest Gold Nuggets and Black or White Pearls can be found on the map. Mining an assortment of these is part of the Fighter's Guild quests. Going Up from either of the main level mining location leads to a dead end two levels up. The old entrances to the Mountain top and Ogre Caves no longer exist.

The Gem Shop buys whatever gems you find there, like the one in Shillatown.

The Tavern has Dwarf Patrons vs Dwarven Guards, but you can no longer get into bar fights.

Finally, there are spots south and west of the Armor Shop that you can sell and customize spare Mythril pieces, but they are devoid of everything but a line of text indicating their prior usefulness.

A - Armor Shop
T - Tavern
F - Food Shop
J - Jewelry Shop
W - Weapon and Cannon Shop
G - Gem Shop
B - Bank
Sk - Skill Shop (Mining)

BG - Bored Guard location
Ma - Macemaster's Specialty Guild location and Up for the Guild Clerk
Ax - Axemaster's Specialty Guild location and East for the the Guild Clerk
Da - Daggermaster's Specialty Guild location and East for the Guild Clerk
Sw - Swordhandler's Specialty Guild location
Sp - Spearmaster's Specialty Guild location

E1 - Empty Spot of old Mythril Selling Shop
E2 - Empty Spot of old Mythril Combining location
E3 - Empty Spot
M - Mining location and Down to M1, Up to M2
M1 - Mining location and Up to M, Down to M3
M2 - Mining location and Up to M4, Down to M
M3 - Mining location and Up to M1
M4 - Mining location and Down to M2
Gold Nugget - Best location to mine Gold Nuggets
Pearl - Best location to mine Black and White Pearls

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