Earth alignment is one of the 4 main alignments in Shilla. This alignment is strong to any Water align creature, and weak to any Air align creature. It has the power to create the Earth Obsidian Mace from the Shillatown Forge.

  • To join, you want to go East, North, North, East, East, South, from the Fountain in Town. This is after you finish the Beach Quest.
  • If you don't choose this alignment right away, you can try later to change to it later. To do so, visit the Maze, and search all the dead ends. You will eventually come across a portal to a shrine. There is a random chance that you will teleport to the Earth Shrine. Once you're there, click "how to align". If you recently changed alignments, you will get a denial message stating that you're unable to leave that alignment. Otherwise, you will get an option to attempt to change alignments. If it works, congrats. Sometimes it doesn't, and if it doesn't, you may need to try again another day.
  • You can also change alignments by entering the Catacombs. After aligning the four statues in the bottom level a portal will appear that can take you to the Earth Shrine.
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