Earth Guardian
  • The Earth Guardian is one of the 4 Guardians of Shilla. His location is at the very top of the Pyramid. In order to face him in battle, you must have the Air Crystal Bow equipped.
  • If you are Earth alignment, he will automatically surrender, not wanting to face his own alignment.
  • If you are Water alignment, he will be very weak and have only 3 million life, and hit for low amounts such as 500 damage.
  • If you are Fire alignment, he will be stronger, with 10 million life, and hit for 1000-1500 damage.
  • If you are Air alignment, he will be a horrible opponent, with 25 million life, hitting for 20k+ damage, and having a scroll resistance of 80%. If your this alignment, I'd wait until you are one of the other 3 alignments before trying this.
  • After defeating the Earth Guardian, you receive the Earth Key, 7.5 Billion Experience, 10 Million Gold, and 15 Quest Points. Also, if your Teleport spell is high enough, you are able to teleport to this spot in the future.
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