Elemental Guardians

One of the major quests in Shilla is to go after the 4 Elemental Guardians of Shilla, in order to have their keys, which are needed to further the game.

How to Get

To start this quest you must have beaten the Arch Angel. You need about 1000 Wisdom in order to receive this quest from the mayor in Shillatown.

Guardian Locations

The locations of the Guardians are as follows:

  • Fire Guardian - Very lowest part of the Volcano.
  • Air Guardian - Clouds, Accessible after lighting all 4 torches, and going to the center after all 4 are lit.
  • Water Guardian - Atlantis, very end of the area.
  • Earth Guardian - Pyramid, very top center of the area.

Now, knowing where they are located, the next part is how to attack them.

Weapons Needed

You can only attack a guardian with the weapon weakest to their alignment. So here is the weapons you need for each:

How to Get

You can forge only one of the 4, the one of your current alignment. Otherwise, you will need to ask others of different alignments to make a weapon of their alignment, and buy it out of Trader Jack's. Also, any Spirit aligned person can make any of the weapons, so if you can find one of them, it might make your job a lot easier.

The Actual Fight

There are 4 separate battles for each alignment. Here is a rough description of all 4:

The Surrender

If your the same alignment as the Guardian, they will want no part of a combat. They'll just surrender. Easiest of the 4.

Battle of Least Resistance

If your the opposite alignment of the Guardian, the one you're normally weak against in combat, will be weak against you. This fight will be a simple breeze.

Battle of Normalcy

If your neutral to the Guardian, it'll be a simple fight. If you could get this quest, you can handle this Guardian.

Battle of Running Away

If your the alignment that the Guardian is opposite to, the one you're normally strong against in combat, will destroy you on impact. You're best to avoid this until you get an Ice Scroll, and train it to 25 mil life, with a 80% scroll resistance. Or switch alignments to get one of the other 3 scenarios.


Any Key is worth 7.5 Billion Experience and 10 million gold. All four combined nets you 30 billion experience and 40 million gold.

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